Monday, May 1, 2023

What a weekend!

Gosh I am tired! I was busy all day Saturday and Sunday. First the sewing. I finished the six placemats for a woman I work with. These will be going to her MIL for Mother's Day. She had picked out the fabric several months ago and I wanted to make sure I had them done in plenty of time. They are reversable with the cutlery on one side and a fun print on the other.
I cleaned and cleaned then did a couple home improvement projects. The rain quit for a while on Saturday, so I sanded and painted the mailbox. Looking at it every day had been bugging me a long time. The rest of the box is plastic, but the door is metal. I hung this locking mailbox almost 20 years ago.
It looks almost brand new with two coats of Rustoleum paint!
Another thing that had been bugging me for years is the ugly steps to the garage. I had a can of tan oil base floor paint. I didn't want the steps to be tan, so I dumped in some black Rustoleum and ended up with a nice light gray. Since the weather is on the cool side, it took a couple days for the paint to cure. It was still a little sticky when I walked on it so I left a bit of a footprint. It will all need a second coat so I will wait until the weather warms up to put that second coat on. I am just trying to get rid of the paint, but even with a second coat I will have some left. Maybe there will be enough to paint a small interior foundation wall. Here is the before and after.
I had company on Sunday and made two pizzas. By the time I got this picture the one pizza was almost gone. It was so good if I do say so myself!
I did get some help with a couple items. We pulled the dryer out so I could check for lint build up. Then we taped the connection up because I was getting that dryer smell when drying a load. Next, I said something about moving the big never used TV upstairs to my sewing room which is downstairs. The tv downstairs is a 32" and the big one is a 50". That was done in a short time and now I have this huge tv next to my sewing machine. How fun is that? I had used credit card points to get the 50" tv, but there is no way to hook it up to run off the one receiver I have off the satellite, so it sat unused.
I did get a bit more stitched on the little blackbird sampler. Here is where I was last time I posted and where I am now.
Just so you know the weekend didn't go totally smooth. I can't let you think that everything goes perfectly for me in my home adventures. I vacuum my house with a little shop vac. No sense buying a regular vacuum when there is thread, bits of fabric, and other chunky stuff. That little shop vac picks it all up! It was sounding harsh and wasn't picking up very good so I pulled off the hose and the thing was packed! I took the lid off and I was all I could do to get the bag out because it was so full! I got a new bag put in then proceeded to vacuum up all the dirt from changing the bag and I was back in business. LOL!! Then I went to put the stir stick from the black mailbox paint into a wastebasket and as I pulled my hand away the stick stuck to my glove and fell on the tile floor. I had to go to the garage to get some paint thinner to clean up the paint. Then I was cleaning out the fridge and had a 2-cup measuring cup of beef broth that was a couple weeks old. I had stuck it in the fridge to separate the fat and hadn't gotten around to using it. I was pushing on the fat to try and get it out of the cup and when it came loose all the broth shot out of the cup and ended up on the walls, floor, and wastebasket. What a mess!


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

That will be nice to have the big TV where you can use it. So many TV shows have a shot of the screen of a cellphone in someone's hand and I can't read it from my spot 8 ft away on a 32" screen.
Cleaning up the messes is no fun!!

Cherie Moore said...

You are right, the mailbox does look new after the paint job. The steps look much improved, even with your shoe print ;-)

swooze said...

All your projects are looking great. I’m glad to see that you’re human. Lol.

Vicki W said...

What a difference a little paint can make!