Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Another shirt quilted!

I got another shirt quilted on the Harley quilt last evening. Only four more to quilt!
I will be glad when this quilt is finally done.

Monday, May 20, 2024

It's been crazy!

Work and homelife have both been crazy busy. Friday after work I was so tired I didn't get much done, but I did finish the birthday card. I got it mailed Saturday morning while I was out picking up a few groceries.
Saturday my nephew had a gig playing at a private party. We played this same party last year. The show was scheduled an hour earlier this year which made it easier for load out since it wasn't dark.
The side of the stage area; this was my vantage point from the merch booth
It was hot setting up; in the low 80's but it was taking the life out of me. I don't know what I am going to do when it gets even hotter. I took a few pictures of the flowers around the house. Their landscaping is so pretty.
I don't know what this plant is, but I thought it was kind of cute. I wonder if the deer eat these?
I didn't get home too late from the show, but I was still pretty tired. Sunday, I worked on the baby quilt a bit. I have 5 of the eight rows sewn together.
After I mowed the front and the two side yards, I worked on the Harley quilt. I got two shirts quilted.
I only have 5 shirts left to quilt. I have to make this a priority this week.
I finally have a bit of color in the yard. The lavender next to the house is about to bloom and the California poppies have started to bloom. I bought a few more poppy seeds and finally found them; yes, I had put them somewhere!  Tonight, when I water I will sprinkle those. The poppies spread easily but throwing down a few more seeds in bare spots will help them out.
Michael gave me a copy of both of his new vinyl albums and CDs that I will be selling this year. I even got a mention in the liner notes!

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Progess on the baby quilt and birthday cross stitch

I now have all the blocks made for the baby quilt - woohoo!
I steal a minute here and there to work on the birthday cross stitch. It took a lot more time than I thought to stitch the Yeti. The Yeti is one thread over one thread.  
It's almost done.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Stitching, resting, and animals

I had a busy day at work and was tired when I got home. Fiddled around cleaning up a bit, washing sheets, and folding towels. I did work a bit more on the birthday cross stitch. Here is where I was yesterday and where I am now
I pulled out of the garage this morning and saw a doe looking for some breakfast. I don't know if this is the new mother or not.
Saturday night after I got home from the musical, I heard a lot of noise in my attached garage. It sounded like a larger animal; I was guessing a racoon somehow snuck into the garage when I came home. I was at a loss of what to do. He was right by the door that I go thru to get into the garage so I wasn't opening the door! I did pound on the door a few times. I didn't have a garage door opener in the house so I couldn't open the garage door. The man door for the garage was blocked with a chair for safety. It sounded like the animal was tearing up the place. I texted my neighbor to see if he had any ideas so he came over. Here my garage door was open! With flashlights we searched the garage and whatever was in there left probably from me pounding on the door. There was a huge racoon hanging around last weekend. I wonder if it was him?
I am keeping one of the garage door openers in the house from now on so I can open the door just in case!

Monday, May 13, 2024

Plans. What plans?

When I got home I was greeted by a pile of sweet peat mulch - 4 yards.
After loading and spreading 10 wheelbarrows of sweet peat in two beds, I was close to calling it a night.
I decided to first spread and tamp in some marigold seeds on the far side of this bed. I had planted some here last year and they did really well.
Oh one more thing. Rain was forecasted so I need to cover the mulch before I called it a night. The tarp the mulch was on wasn't big enough, but I had another one so most of the pile got covered.
Here is the mom and fawn. The fawn was born Wednesday or Thrusday.
Saturday I had to take the car in for some scheduled maintenance. While I waited I walked over the the grocery store and the to a home improvement store. I got in a bit more than a mile by the time I got back to the car shop. I ran to a different home improvement store and bought a landscapers rake and a yard cart. My wheelbarrow is hard to handle anymore and I have to constantly fight with it to keep a braket at the front wheel from rubbing on the wheel.
I sat and rested for a few hours before I had to head out to go to a musical that some family members were in. I had totally forgotten about this so I am glad someone called to remind me! It was Sponge Bob the Musical and it was pretty strange. The kids did a good job and I could tell they were having fun pretending to be cartoon charaters.
The cool thing they did at the end of the show was to shoot bubbles out of the ceiling.
I got home late and I was beat. Sunday I decided to put together the landscapers rake and the yard cart. I hate assembling stuff! I figured out the rake after a bit of trial and error. This rake is wide and will help me level out all the bumps I have from the skid steer running thru the yard. The yard cart came with good picture directions and after an hour and a half I had one wheel left to attach and the handle. I could not get that last wheel on because of the way a bracket was not flat against the axle. I was trying to bend it with a hammer when my neightbor came over to get his mail. He helped bend the bracket and we finally got the last wheel on. That was exhausing! The bed of the cart can dump, but I haven't figured out how that works yet.
The rake - yes there were just two fasteners, but they proved a challenge to get in and tighten up.  
I needed to do dishes, cook food and do laundry which took up a good part of Sunday afternoon. When I did sit down I got started on a little cross stitch for a birthday card. The person's birthday is in a couple weeks so I needed to get this going.
I got a second wind, so about 6:00 p.m. I trimmed and mowed the front and one side yard. So, no work on the baby quilt or Harley quilt happened. The woman that runs the poker run which the Harley quilt is for might be coming to my nephew's show on the 30th for Ohio Bike Week. That will be my next effort to try and have the quilt done so I can hand it over to her.

Friday, May 10, 2024

Getting ready for the weekend

I had an appointment after work and had to stop and buy a tarp after that so it was later then usual when I got home. I am having 4 yards of sweet peat delivered today so before I left for work I had to get the tarp laid out. So much of this weekend will be moving mulch.
I was up in the kitchen cooking chicken for meals today and saw this huge raccoon waddle thru the yard. City racoons get big since there is always lots of garbage bins to raid year-round!  That blue tarp is where I keep the extra sweet peat. 
I walked by my big table in the sewing room and what a mess! It seems to be a landing place for everything! LOL!! I spent some time clearing it off so I could actually have a place to work this weekend. Much better!
So the list this weekend is mulching the flower beds and relocating the remaining mulch to the back yard storage area, fuel filter cleaning for the car, the Harley quilt, and maybe the baby quilt. That's a pretty good list, but I am sure something else will pop up. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Where have I been?

I have been busy and my computer wouldn't accept my new password so no internet access. It got my computer straightened out so now I'm back in business so let's catch up. There was a training session in the parking lot for Stand Down week. This is a safety week for fall protection. I helped with setting up the food and drinks. Last week I had bought the drinks and the safety guy had ordered the boxed lunches.
Everyone came up to the office from the job site and I was so surprised how many people we have out on site! Several people pitched in to help with the cleanup which was nice.
I have been working in the back yard filling in the ruts and three of the big ruts are almost filled in. I will throw some topsoil and seed on the light brown fill maybe this weekend. I know this looks the same as the last pictures I posted, but I did extend the fill about another 2 feet in each of the three rows and raked the areas smooth. There are some rocks at the end of the rows I still need to pick up.
When I got home from work yesterday there was a big box sitting at the door. I knew what was in it and was interested to see how the contents faired in its trip to my house.
I bought a new cutting mat.
It is slightly bigger than my old mats. It is actually 36" plus a little border not 35" with a border like the gray one.  Here I laid my gray one on top of the new one.
Look at how much thicker the new one is compared to the old one.
I was getting frustrated with rotary cutting because I wasn't getting clean cuts. My old gray mat was so scared, and the green mat had a hole in it that was from repeated cutting in the same spot when I made all those masks for the pandemic. The green one was my mother's so it was over 30 years old and the gray one was at least that old.
I had to try the new mat out so I cut some fabric for more project bags.
I may have to get another one of these mats. I like to butt the mats end to end when I cut long pieces or trim a border, but with the thickness difference I can't do that with the two smaller mats I still have. The old green mat and gray mat are in the trash.  When I carried the mats out to the trash bin the green one snapped in half.  It was brittle!