Tuesday, June 19, 2018

What next?

Since blogger has changed something that your comments don't show up in my gmail anymore, I guess I will reply to your comment in the comment section or just email you. I hate when they randomly change stuff.

I received another email from the High Arts Festival that they have extended their deadline for entries. They did this last year too. I think they did this because they are not getting the participation they planned on which doesn't surprise me with the shenanigans that one guy with the carved sticks has pulled over the last four years and that an acquaintance of his also won a top prize in another category last year. Behavior like this discourages people.

I had started my JB piece for the festival this year, but I haven't had much time to work on it.
I decided I would get it out again and see what I could get done. I have thread and plenty of bobbins wound to machine quilt the two white t-shirts. After that there will not be much left to quilt then I can start the hand embroidery work. I should easily get the quilting done before the next gig with the band which then I will have some hand work I can do while I sit at the merch booth. I am still not sure I will participate in the festival, but I want to finish this piece anyway.

I was really tired last evening from all the power washing on Sunday plus the heat and humidity yesterday so I didn't do much. I did make a batch of red pepper hummus and had some for a light dinner.
I also did some laundry and went out at 7 to water my plants. It was still 87 degrees!

I forgot to post this picture of a doe and her two fawns I saw early Sunday morning in my backyard. The fawn were running around like crazy! It was hard to get a picture since they did not stand still for very long. I had never seen fawn run around like these two were doing. It was fun to watch them. Mom mostly just stood there while her twins were going crazy.
I took this picture thru the bathroom window so there is some reflection.

Monday, June 18, 2018

So much for making a list

I had made a list of things I wanted to get done this past weekend and I ended up going in a different direction. So much for making a list! LOL!!! I will call it being flexible! Friday I spent cutting out more equipment covers and baking cookies for the gig we had that evening. I rolled up all the pieces and parts for each cover and labeled them. We don't need these covers right away. My goal is to get them done for the show on the 29st.

That 20 yard roll of car cover fabric I bought - well, I have a half yard left! I guess I should have bought more. My brother decided I should make covers for the monitors and the speakers. We don't use our PA system much anymore so I won't make the covers until we have another PA gig.

I did get two pedal board covers made. Here is the one that will be headed out with the masks.

Friday night's show went well. We set up two tents - one for the sound board and the other for the merchandise booth. The crowd wasn't very large, but we had decent sales.

On Thursday evening I painted the foundation on the one side of the house that was prepped. I am not crazy about the color; it's a bit too brown, but it looks fresh.

On Sunday I decided to get my grocery shopping done early - I was there went they opened at 7 a.m. I got the stuff put away and then headed outside before it got too hot and started to power wash the rest of the foundation to prep for painting. 5 hours later I was done, a wet mess, and tired. Here are my soggy feet and dirty socks from the mud I created.
I was surprised how much paint came off. Now I will have to wait for it to dry out and then I can get it painted. Here is the before and after for the other side of the house

and here is the back. I also washed off the siding - you can see where I stopped. It was all the higher I could reach.

I also transplanted my lavender plants into larger containers. They had been in those white smaller container and we very root bound. I want to get the front flower bed redone before I planted these.

I also fixed my watchband, laundry, hung up the living room drapes (they had been down since I have the floors refinished), did dishes, and gathered up all the recycling and trash. Most of what I did was not on the list, but I feel like I was productive.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Masks done!

Last night I got the loop tape in the mail. I bought a 25 yard roll. I only cost $10.00 but the shipping was $12.50. Still that is only 90 cents a yard.

Here are the masks/curtains. I even put a little label with the length on them.

I have the vinyl and car cover fabric ready for putting together a pedal board cover which is the last thing I need to do so I can ship these to my brother. The piece of car cover fabric was a scrap and it is the perfect size for what I needed for the pedal board cover. That is why scraps are kept! LOL!!! I will be able to make this cover in less than an hour.

I am taking tomorrow off so I will spend most of the day finishing up the covers for my nephew's band. Maybe after that I can get back to quilting!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Mowning, not sewing

It was suppose to rain last evening and today so I had to mow as soon as I got home. The grass in the front was like a hayfield, the back was in need of a haircut too. With rain in the forecast I just couldn't ignore this window of opportunity to mow. I managed to get the mower started with less than 15 pulls. The mower is a problem starting when it gets stopped by trying to mow grass that is long and clogs it up. When it conks out like that it is hard to restart. It didn't seem like it had been that long since I had mowed, but the grass was tall! Here is the before and during shots.

It was very humid and I was sweating so bad that it was dripping off my face and I could hardly see thru my glasses. I decided to mow the back too as I didn't want to end up with the problem I had before. An hour and a half later I was done, very sweaty, and exhausted. The back does look better. I cooled down, took a shower and was too tired to do anything else so no sewing happened. I ended up crawling into bed at 7:30 and passed out.

The weeds I sprayed on Monday are dying so maybe this weekend I can get them cleaned up out of the flower beds. I do have some color finally in the yard. My roadside lilies are starting to bloom. Now I see a big old weed growing in the middle of them! LOL!

There is a coneflower ready to burst into flower

Yesterday the site contractor was removing sidewalk. Along part of the sidewalk, in the area between the sidewalk and street, are small gravel rocks with larger rocks as an accent.
This feature is going away as this parking lot is being remodeled to adjoin the new parking area where the parking deck was ripped out. The rocks are just going to the dump so I am snagging a few to take home. The guys helped me load a few last night. I will try and get a few every night. Those two big ones were heavy! I pulled them to the back of the car, put the wheelbarrow next to the bumper and rolled them off one at a time. I will probably end up with a few bruises on legs, but they are nice big rocks that I can use and they were free!

There are a bunch more rocks in the parking lot islands too. The contractors were happy to load the big ones for me and now that I figured a system to get them out of the car I will snap up as many of those as I can. When I bought those rocks last month, there were not many big rocks and I needs some bigger ones. I will only let them put two big one in the car at a time so I don't have too much weight in the back end.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Just enough fabric

I had just enough duvetyne to make the riser masks for my brother. There will be a seam in the middle, but it was the best I could do with the fabric I had on hand. I got the one mask sewn together and the sides folded over and stitched. I will put the hem in first then measure and press for the height of the panel. The panels are not long - one is to finish at 84" and the other 74" - pretty easy to handle. I have made much bigger ones - two panels 20' long and 30" high!
The fussy side of hook and loop tape will go across the top so if the fabric I fold over is uneven, it doesn't matter because the loop tape will cover it up. I had to order a 25 yard roll of 2" wide loop tape from a place in N.J. and it should be here Wednesday.

After work I spent a half hour spraying weeds. The weeds are going crazy! If it doesn't rain today I will have to mow tonight. The front yard looks like a hayfield! While I was killing weeds I saw a couple Shasta daisies opened up. I took this picture as I was running out the door to head to work.

Monday, June 11, 2018

I ended up getting 5 equipment covers made and handed them off when went to the show on Saturday. Unfortunately when we get to a venue I have to stay at the merch booth
so I didn't get to see or take pictures of the covers for bass player. He said they fit perfect! My brother said the ones for Michael's amps fit great. With all the shows we have this summer I know I will get a picture of them sometime.

The band was suppose to play until 9 p.m., but all eyes were on the radar. There was a storm coming so the band played threw it's breaks and quit playing at 8:25. My brother had started packing up what equipment he could and I had started packing up what I could in the merch booth. The merch cases have to go on the trailer first so it can be a little tricky to pack up when you have people wanting to buy t-shirts and CDs. Thanks goodness we got the trailer loaded before this hit us.

Janice asked if the car cover fabric is easy to sew on my machine and it is. It is a non-woven material that doesn't fray and is hard to rip. My brother had two other pieces of equipment he wants covers for so it looks like I will be busy this week with those and some stuff for another brother. I need to make two panels out of black flame retardant fabric called Duvetyne to cover the base of a riser. Here is the drawing with the measurements.

And I need to make a pedal board cover from this

I rolled out the Duvetyne that I had to see if I have enough and I am going to have just enough if I cut the fabric in four 55" wide x 33" long pieces. I am going to have to piece the panels, but otherwise I would have to order more fabric. He needs them ASAP so we will just put a seam in them and be done with it.

I do have to order the 2" loop tape so it will be a couple days until that shows up. In the meantime I can get the panels and the pedal cover made so all I will have to do is sew the loop tape on when it arrives.

I did get a special order boxy pouch made for my friend that bought the flamingo one. The little girl wanted Anna from Frozen - I had to get educated on this as I have never seen the movie - so I bought 3/8 of a yard of the only fabric the local JoAnn's had and whipped up the pouch. I used the same fabric for the lining as I did for the outside.

I did go and weed my front flower bed a bit. It's was bad.

I pulled weeds until the storm blew in

The bed looks a little better, but there is a lot more work that needs done.

While I was out there I noticed I need to do something about my Shasta daisy plants. The three on the left are big and the two on the right are little. It looks funny.

I did get the rest of the t-shirts cut up and interfaced.
I don't have them all hung up on the wall yet.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Switching gears

I changed projects last evening and began cutting out the pieces for the equipment covers for my nephew's band. Last week at the show I took pictures and measurements for all the equipment that needed covered.
Just the amp in front and not the Marshalls

Thank goodness for my big cutting table! The car cover fabric is 55 1/2" wide and cuts very easily.

Here are the pieces cut out in piles of what belongs to what.

I keep the scraps too! The smaller pieces come in handy for making pedalboard covers. Since the fabric does not fray, I can piece together the smaller pieces to make a bigger piece by just laying one piece over another and edge stitching.

I need to get these done so I can try them out Saturday night when the band plays again. I will try to remember to take pictures of the covers on the equipment so you can see how they fit. Have a great weekend!