Monday, June 14, 2021

Busy three days

I started out my three day weekend with making seven more tote bags from some more fabric I found in my fabric storage room.  I have enough to make five or six more.

Our next gig isn't until July 10th so I have plenty of time to make more. I only ended up using two for the show Friday night. The show went well despite the problem the band had with the monitors. It was hot and muggy which took the wind out of my sail the rest of the weekend. Here is the merch booth all set up and the band on stage.
Saturday I worked on the Xmas stocking, ran errands and went to an estate sale that right up the street. Here is where I was on the stocking and where I am now. I got lots of outlining done. I had an hour and a half to stitch while I waited at the merch booth before the doors opened so I got most of the runners on the horse outlined then.
I stopped at the estate sale on the way back from the grocery store. They were selling stuff so cheap. I got some Ohio State Xmas ornaments - these will go to my brother. $1 each
This Cat's Meow Halloween set was so cute. My neighbor loves Halloween and after I showed them to her, she wanted them so I sold them to her for what a paid for them - eight pieces at a buck a piece
I bought this wooden drafting triangle just because it was cool. $1.00
I got these two wood vintage office chairs - $15.00 for the pair! I will clean them up with some Old English Furnisher Polish for dark wood and they ought to look great.
I also bought this blue enameled splatter ware pot and I had to buy the rolling pin. They lady told me her grandfather had make it and I am a sucker for rolling pins. She only charged me $1.00 for the rolling pin.
I got a pair of wire cutters - both of mine are awful which I found out when I was cutting the wire for the framing - and I picked up a model of an Apollo rocket to send to my brother who loves space stuff.
I ended up going back to the sale on Sunday to look one more time. There was a collapsible shelf that was still at the house so I got it for my cast iron. It was made from some nice wood and was heavy. It worked out perfect.
I decided on Sunday to cut out strips of flannel for a quilt. This quilt will be for a fellow that helps out with the band. While I was cutting away I get a knock on the door.  It was my neighbor. He asked me if I would hem the curtain panels for their sliding doors. He has been working hard for the last two months on remodeling the family room. I asked he how soon he wanted them and he said tonight would be nice so no one could peek in the doors. So I stopped cutting flannel and hemmed the drapes 3" like he asked. He sent me a picture and oops - they are still too long.
He said he didn't measure, but 3" seemed about right. I told him it was my fault for not educating him on what he could use that tape measure for that I gave him for his birthday! We both had a good laugh and I measured how much they needed taken up. So it was back to square one and hemmed the panels again. They were machine sewn so it was a easy job. Here they are all done.
I got back to laundry and cutting flannel. I had a few blocks already made that were in my leftover bits flannel box. 
but when I cut the flannel I had I realized I just don't have any variety of solid colors. I guess I am going to have to get some.
I have a few more plaids to cut. I would like to have this done by July 10th and I think that is doable.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Tote bags done

I got all the tote bags that were cut out sewn and pressed last night. Here is the stack of 14 that are done!
I have enough webbing for the handles for 28 more bags and then that will be it. I am not going to spend the money to buy more webbing. I guess I could make handles from the same fabric as the tote bag is make out of, but that will take more time. It all depends on how busy I am as to whether I go down that road. I am taking tomorrow off so we will catch up on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Tote progress

I worked on totes and right now I have 11 with the handles sewn on
and three that need handles. I will go ahead and finish these 11 before I start another batch.
Here is the fabric that still needs cut to size

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Apron and now tote bags

I finished the apron last evening. I am anxious to try it out and see how it functions on Friday.
I was happy to see the grass growing already in the place I patched where the mulch was in the driveway. I just threw down the seed on Friday! We got a half inch of rain yesterday so I didn't have to water it.
I thought I would show you how the ornamental grass is coming as it grows along the neighbor's fence. It's doing well!
I got a start on the tote bags I want to take to the show on Friday for the merch booth. Plastic bags are no good for multiple CDs, an album, or a 45. The corners just poke thru the plastic. I had dug thru the fabric storage room for leftover or unused fabric that would be heavy enough for tote bags. I have a mix of duck cloth, drapery fabric, and outdoor fabric. I have a big roll of 1" webbing so some handles have been cut. I am cutting the handles 26". Here are the handles and bags cut so far
a stack of fabric to cut. I am cutting the fabric 34" x 15"
One bag ready to sew!
From now on I will post about the Xmas stockings on Mondays. I am into the detailed parts of the design the go really slow so there is no sense posting on a daily basis. I did get a lot of the half cross stitch done for the flooring and just got started on the jump rope. The jump rope is worked in two colors in a slated half cross stitch. It is a bit confusing so I will have to work both colors at the same time. So here is where I was and where I am right now

Monday, June 7, 2021

Improv quilt, framing, and an apron

I never feel I like I get enough done even with a three day weekend. I did burn 4+ hours going to see my hair technician. I had left early to go to the post office and get some large flat rate boxes, but they didn't have any. I went to the post office in the town where my hair technician's salon is located, but they didn't have any either. So I wasted a good hour messing with that. What I did get done was wash the towels, the vest prints, and the Ohio fabric for the improv quilt top. I also found the HERS pillowcase I had embroidered before I got married. I cut it up and added the embroidery to the top. The body of the pillowcase was all yellowed so it got pitched. The HIS pillowcase was gotten rid of long ago. I did some rearranging of the pieces and here is how the top now.
I still need a few pieces of fabric to fill in that bottom right, so I think this is an opportunity to do some serious cleanning and sorting. I am sure I will be able to find a treasure buried in a box somewhere that I had forgotten about. Meanwhile, I made several trips out to the garage to work on the frames. One of the fellows I work with loaned me this band ratchet.
It has four metal corners for framing. Man, did it work great! I am going to have to buy one of these! I got the other three frames together in no time, stained and varnished them, and got the cross stitched pieces done. I learned so much and so next time it will be easier. Here are the three pieces framed.  The second one down was finished in 1993!
I needed some vinyl project bags to organize some future cross stitch projects. It is just as easy to cut the fabric two bags as it is one so I ended up making eleven 13" x 10" bags and five 12" x 14". I don't need that many; I just like making them. If you are interested in one, just shoot me an email and we will talk. You won't hurt my feelings if you decide not to get one after we talk. So here is what I made - Paris
Lavender love letters
Pink Love Letters
Skull - I made only one of these for me
The bigger ones - I used some of my ethic fabrics - purple
Green batik
Here you can see the size difference. It is a bit easier to get an 8" x 10" paper in the bigger one.
So here are the ones I wouldn't mind sending to a new home
My nephew and his Mom called me last night about updates for the merchandise boot for the band.   First, thing I asked was if I still had my volunteer job working the booth.  I have been let go from other volunteer jobs like the art museum and the credit union.  They both assured me I was needed.  Yeah!  We have a pricing change for the t-shirts so we are going to need a lot more one dollar bills for change. She would feel more comfortable if I kept all the money on my person so I worked on an apron with pockets - one layered on top of the other.  The smaller pocket on top is for the wallet I work out of  and the bigger one behind is for the extra cash that won't fit in the wallet.  I made it out of some French Terry I had bought back in 2011. I just have to sew the pocket on and it's done! I will try this out at our first show for over a year is this Friday.  I can always modify it if need be.
Progress on the stocking.  While my hair was processing at the salon I got the horse Ecru color filled in.
Lastly, Friday morning I got up from the sewing machine and saw a doe and her fawn in my front yard! I saw the fawn a couple days ago in the backyard laying in the weeds at the edge of the woods. I was surprised to see mom had her baby out in the open.