Friday, January 27, 2023

Weekend plans

I spent last evening digging thru my stash for fabric to take to work. I don't remember how the subject of those boxy pouches
and project bags came up but several of the ladies are interested. The company has been hiring so they have not seen some of the things I have made. The boxy pouches I have left, well, they are mostly winter, Xmas and sports fabrics, but I did sell six and also five project bags. Several of the ladies asked for different fabrics so I brought a couple tote bags of fabric for them to look at.
I will certainly be busy this weekend. I first need to finish the t-shirt quilt so I have a quilt finish for January. Next, I will start cutting the pieces and parts I need for boxy pouches and I need to make more project bags for me. I will cut out more than what they want so I have extra. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Fabric purchase

I had a box show up yesterday with some fabric I ordered from eQuilter. I had a $10.00 coupon, got free shipping and everything I ordered was on clearance. The fabric ended up being $6.97 a yard. The blue with ducks on it was bought for a baby quilt, the purple with keys is for backing smalls, the skeleton fabric is for the back of the next Harley raffle quilt, and the cutlery fabric was bought as an option for a woman I work with who wants some placemats for a Mother's Day gift. The cutlery fabric is a Japanese import and is a linen like fabric. It is really nice stuff!
I spent some time looking for fabric to go with the cutlery print in case the woman wants the placemats with a different fabric on each side.
Then I went digging for fabric for the baby quilt. Blue, green, and yellow are the colors the parents are using to decorate the nursery. I haven't decided what design I am going to make, but I pulled these fabrics as possibilities.
I am leaning toward a chevron design, because they look like I put in more effort than they really take.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Mending fences

Last evening, I got the last four tote bags done out of the batch that I should have had done on Sunday. At least now I am caught up.
The first thing I needed to do as soon as I got home from work is mend my fence. I saw several deer hanging out in the bed next to the garage where my cora bells are planted. The wet snow had knocked down a lot of the netting fence and they were inside the fence area looking for dinner. Ugh! I jumped out of the car and yelled at them. After parking the car, I gathered up wire ties and the roll of mesh fencing. I headed out to fix the fence and they were back already for another attempt at destroying my plants. I walked after them yelling and got them to move farther down the hill. 45 minutes later the fenced area now has two layers of netting. That ought to keep them at bay for a while.
I got a small start on appliqueing the Girl Scout sash to the t-shirt quilt.
It was snowing this morning. When I was walking back to the garage from taking out the garbage I saw that the snow was collecting on my satellite dish. May have to clean that off when I get home from work.
I'll be checking on my fencing too!

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Tote bags and knitting

I had to have something to keep my hands busy at the long day of meetings, so I knitted. Vicki had sent me two and a part skeins of yarn she wanted to get rid of several years ago and now it is being turned into a scarf. Yesterday I got 21 1/2 inches knitted. There are 42 stitches. At least the day wasn't a total waste.
The trees looked so pretty on my drive home.
I was tired when I got home. The place we have the winter conference at has the most uncomfortable chairs! I hurt all over which just drains my energy. I did get six tote bags sewn together
and I made 5 quarts of white chili so I won't have to cook for a few days.

Monday, January 23, 2023

Busy weekend

I made some progress this weekend, but of course for me it's never enough. I got the binding finally sewn on the t-shirt quilt. I then stitched on the badges on the sash and Brownie vest that will be appliqued on the back. My sister said I should sew them on since some of them were not attached very well.
I stopped and got a yard of duck cloth on my way home from work on Friday. After washing I got two tote bags made. One if for a lady at work that asked me for one.
I didn't get my 10 tote bags made but I did get the handles made so I will put those together tonight.
I did hem a pair of dress pants and shortened a part of ski pants for my neighbor.
We got some snow and I had to clean off my dish since it was blocking my signals.
Today I am in company meetings. It's going to be a long day.
My brother called me and said the guitar tech was happy with the pouches. Whew!

Friday, January 20, 2023

Pouches are done!

I took a day of vacation so I could get the wireless pouches done. I ran to the grocery store at 7 a.m. then got to work on the pouches at 8:15. I finally got the last one Scotchguarded at 6:39 p.m. I did take a couple short breaks to get something to eat, but other than that I was at the sewing machine. I used these plant cages to hang the pouches to dry
Here is what the finish pouch looked like. I put a sharpie in picture so you could get a sense of how small these are
I was shocked that the hook and loop tape I ordered on Wednesday showed up yesterday! I am now well stocked for any emergency sewing projects.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Pouch progress

I worked for two hours last evening on the pouches. I decided to work in groups of 10 so I could get some sense of how long this is going to take. I managed to get one completely done.
I have one with the tab and hook and loop tape except for the long strap.
The other eight have the tabs and loop tape sewn on and are ready for the little piece of hook tape and then the long strap. I think it will take another hour and a half to finish up the 9 pouches. I am going to have to take a day of vacation to get these done which is ok. I need to get these to Fed Ex by Friday.
Yesterday I was asked by a woman I work with to make six placemats for her MIL for Mother's Day. I can do that! I found some really cute fabric on sale online. It is at least an option for her. Once the fabric arrives, I will gather some companion fabrics from my stash and give her some choices. She also wants one of my totes. Add those to the to do list!