Thursday, April 2, 2020

Blocks done and deer

I got the rest of the blocks done. Now I have to decide how I am going to finish this top. Add sashing? Add borders? The blocks are 12" which includes the seam allowances. I will have to think about this.

It was beautiful out yesterday afternoon so I finished cutting down the ornamental grass.

The far plant was planted a long time ago and was starting to push between the rocks. I forgot to take a before picture, but here is the size of the plant now. I circled the area that I have already removed roots, but I have more I want to take out.

I hadn't seen any deer for a while, but this morning there were eight in the backyard! I took a lot of pictures, but I had two issues 1. the dappled sunlight and 2. dirty windows. I now can add washing the windows on my to do list! LOL!! In the second picture I drew an arrow to each of the deer in the picture. Between the color of the deer and the landscape, they are hard to see!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Revised tutorial

First let me say that I forgot to say how many precautions I took when I went to the grocery and HD yesterday. I did wear a mask - I don't care that the "experts" are saying you that you don't need to wear one. I didn't fuss with it and didn't touched my face. Looks like there could be a shift in philosophy and it may now recommend masks be worn. I had a new mask that I found when I was cleaning. I also wore gloves and disinfected constantly. I wiped down all my groceries with disinfectant before I put them in the car and threw away the bags the groceries were in because the bags touch the bottom and side of the cart where the cart is not cleaned like the handle. Thank you for being concerned!

I spent some time working on my AHIQ hourglass project. I was having an issue with the glue drying too quick before I was able to get the frame of the block positioned. So here is what I did:

I already had the freezer paper pressed on the frame fabric
Change #1 - when cutting out the center I now leave about 3/4" instead of cutting it closer to 1/4". This makes it easier to get the clipped edge to stay flat. This will be trimmed later so it doesn't matter if it is more than 1/4"
Press the clips over the freezer paper.

Change #2 - at this point in the past I would dab a glue stick on the clips. This is where I was finding the glue started to dry out and then I had to fuss around reapplying glue and it was just a battle. I now flip the frame over the hourglass block and place the frame where it looks good to me
next I carefully roll back a small section - doesn't matter where you start
grab a bottle of washable school glue. The glue dries stiffer than the glue stick, but I found it is easier to control the placement of the glue product and the hold is much better.
I then put a little line of glue on each clip
gently roll that area down. I gently tapped that area to make sure I had good contact.

Continue around the circle rolling a section back, glue, and pat down. You can see the last clip you glued since the moisture from the glue makes the fabric darker
Since I am inpatient I pressed the block to get the glue to dry faster
Next is to gently peel the freezer paper off the gray frame fabric. I hold the freezer paper and gentle work my way around the block to loosen but not remove the paper yet. You don't want to loosen the clips so gentle persuasion is called for here!
I then tore the freezer paper at the narrower places and then removed each section carefully
Time to sew. You sew along the crease. I like to sew to the left side of the crease.
Next trim the hourglass.
Oh, what a wrinkled mess!
Much better!

Here is what I have done now on this project.

This is my version of the 6-minute circle which was not my invention - just want to clarify that. I just tweaked the technique a bit to work better for me.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020


I left the house for the first time in 12 days to go to the grocery store and to pick up my order at Home Depot. I SCORED! a container of disinfecting wipes!
They had a couple dozen containers, but I only bought one. Since I don't plan on leaving the house anytime soon, one is enough to have for wiping down anything I bring in the house.

The daffodils
are looking pretty

Had some entertainment yesterday. The electric company ran a new line to the neighbor's house. I don't know why.

I was sore yesterday after crawling around installing the floor and wrestling the washer and dryer so I sat and worked at the computer all day. The printer is running, I got the scanner hooked up, and have my personal laptop at the ready as I have to use it to do the printing. I feel fine today so I need to get some stuff done! Have a great day!

Monday, March 30, 2020

Harley quilt and the floor

I was tired of looking at the Harley quilt hanging on the design wall so I decided to start sewing it together. I have to add the top and bottom rows yet. This quilt is for a poker run fundraiser which probably won't happen unless the pandemic ends this summer.

I needed a printer for my at home office and I happen to have one in the garage that I saved from being recycled. It has been sitting in the garage for at least 4 or 5 years. It was heavier than I remember! I ended up taking out the paper trays to try and make it a bit lighter. It is also big and it was hard to get my arms around it. I got out my wheelie cart to help move it.

I managed to get it up on a little table, plugged it in and it fired up! I even have an extra print cartridge! I didn't have the right cable so my laptop could communicate with the printer. My son helped me figure out what I needed. I ordered it from an ebay seller in Indiana so hopefully it comes quick.
I finished up the last detail in the laundry room. I needed to replace the quarter round at the foundation ledge. All installed, caulked and painted.

I did get started on the floor in the laundry/utility room. The box says easy to install - yeah right! Its easy if you have help, a flat floor, and don't have a washer and dryer to work around! I had to throw down some patch to try and level the floor at one end of the room.
After getting some of the floor installed I realized the floor still wasn't quite level so I am going to need more patch. I put in an order at HD, but I will have to pick it up. I plan on taking my disinfectant spray and go as soon as they open. I will have to wait for a text to tell me my order is ready. At least I will be spending less time by not having to go threw the entire store to get what I need. It was a hard job crawling on the floor and I had to prop up the laundry tub to get the flooring under the legs. Here is what it looks like now.

We got a lot of rain on Saturday. Here is just one of the many storms that rolled thru.
One of the storms dropped hail! Gosh it was loud as it hit the roof. Here is some that landed in the flower bed.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Keep pushing ahead

Every day I keep pushing myself to get my regular job done and use the extra time I have with not having to commute and get ready for work everyday for making progress on projects. Yesterday I got the freezer paper cut and pressed on the squares for the AHIQ hourglass quilt I started.
I also got the hourglass blocks sewn
In the laundry/utility room I needed to replace some quarter round trim on the foundation ledge. Here is before and after. I got it painted along with the window touch up. So now everything I wanted to get done before installing the floor is done!
Now I need to clean up the tools and clear out the space to work on the floor.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

3rd finish for 2020 and window progress

Yes I finally got the t-shirt quilt done! I also got my copper pipe for taking pictures back up. The picture is a bit shadowy, but it is the best I can do for now.
I worked on the laundry/utility room window yesterday after work. Here is the before and after. I still need to touch up the paint and install the screens after I wash them.

It was 59 degrees yesterday so I went out and did a bit of yard clean up. I need to cut back my ornamental grass. I got two cut down and a lot of the debris cleaned up. I plan on doing a bit every day. With the warm temperatures these will be starting to shoot up new leaves soon.
My daffodils are starting to bloom especially the ones next to the house where it is warmer because of the brick. The second picture is what I see out my studio window.
My Lenten Roses are in bloom. I have white, green, and pink ones.
I ran into a problem with the sewing room window. The wall is proud of the extension jam in the lower left corner. I found some wood in the garage and it was a battle trying to make a filler piece. I have the horizontal piece installed. I am not thrilled with it; I think it could look better. Unfortunately, I do not have a table saw which is the best way to make the filler strip. I will mull on it a bit before I go any further. Here you can see the strip I installed
Then this is what happens when you get tired and don't pay attention to the direction the brad nailer is aimed.
I got the nail pulled out and will have to fix the booboo with some sanding, wood filler, and paint. Easy to fix; just a stupid mistake.