Wednesday, April 29, 2020

More masks sewn

I got another 60 masks sewn together so I now have 120 waiting to be pressed, pleated, then topstitched. I did get the fabric that I had ordered April 10th yesterday, but I want to use up the fabric I already cut. I have enough cut for 11 more masks.

Here is the recipe for the bread. Very easy to make.
I have plenty of yeast since I bought a one pound package months ago. I keep some in a airtight container in the refrigerator and the rest I keep in the freezer. It seems like a lot of yeast, but I get this at a bulk food store and the cost is so inexpensive compared to buying the packets.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Masks and bread

Between yesterday and today I have 60 more masks sewn together. I have a three phase method for making mass quantities of masks after the pieces and elastic is cut to size. Phase 1 is sewing the masks together. Here are the 60 masks. I have another 54 ready to sew together.
Phase 2 is pressing the mask. I first press it flat then I press it not quite in half. Here I have about 1/2" exposed
Next I open the mask up and pinch that pressed fold toward the wider side. Press the fold.
Next I pinch the fabric for the pleat that would be in the wide side. Press the pleat.
Lastly, pinch each side and make the final pleat in the narrower side. Press.

I then flip the mask over the press the backside. I press because I find it easier to topstitch and sewn the pleats down.

Phase 3 - topstitch the mask.

Yesterday I made bread. The house smelled wonderful and the bread was so good.
I had some entertainment yesterday with the neighbor's house getting a new roof. This is the same crew that is going to do my roof which was damaged in the hail storm we had at the end of March.

Monday, April 27, 2020

4th finish for 2020 - maybe

I have been having issues with the internet so I just haven't bothered to fight with it to post. It seems to be responsive so here goes!

I finished the red, yellow and gray hourglass top. It finished 40 1/2" x 51 1/2".
Why I might not consider it done is because when I was quilting it I didn't discover until after I began to put the binding on this piece of fabric that got quilted on the back!

I trimmed away as much fabric as I could and slashed between the rows of stitching. I will have to use a tweezers to pull the fabric threads out. Of course, it is batik fabric which will be harder to pull out. This fabric was a piece for a masks that got away from the pile.

I made 5 masks for a friend and her family, made 36 more for work, and have another 40 for work in progress. So far I have made 273 masks - with ties, 77 for work and 14 for friends and family. with elastic 180 for work and 2 for friends. I still have not received the fabric I ordered two weeks ago for masks for work.

I was up until 1 a.m. getting these done so the intern could pick them up this morning. I'm tired. It took me almost 45 minutes to put this post together. Downloading pictures is so slow.

Kathy S. I haven't forgotten about showing how I pleat my masks.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Still making masks

Well the intern stopped over tonight and picked up 60 masks. I made 30 Tuesday and 30 today. I am not sure when my mask making will be done for work. I will just keep making them until they tell me to stop.

Pretty much nothing else going on here except mask making.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Cutting and straightening up

I needed to go thru my stash and find more fabric for masks so I spent all day yesterday going thru each pile of fabric on the shelves, pulling out fabric to cut for masks, throwing all the scraps in a bin, and straightening out the pile to put back on the shelves. Here are the shelves before and after.
I already had plenty of scraps and now I have another bin! Yikes! LOL!!

I did find some heavier weight fabric that I am going to make tote bags out of for the band's merchandise booth. The band won't be playing anytime soon, but I will be ready when they do!

I found a couple UFOs too. The green embroidered blocks and fabric must have come from an auction.
Then I found this pile of strips I had cut for oversized 9 patch blocks.
It dawned on me that I need to save my full with of fabric trimmings to use to tie up my plants that is if it ever gets warm enough to plant anything! So now I have a nice little pile with more to come since I have more masks to cut out.

Here is my pile of batiks and my pile of cotton prints that I will be turning into masks. I have no idea how many I cut. Last time I checked the fabric I ordered to make masks has not been shipped. I need to get some masks into the company employees hands.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Sewing for me

I decided I was not making masks this weekend and do something of mine. I got the hourglass quilt pin basted and about 90% quilted. All that is left to quilt is a bit more of the funky gray hourglass border. I quilted the hourglass circles with a free motion spiral in yellow thread and then meander stitch the surrounding block in gray thread that matched. It is hard to photograph the back of the quilt, but it is kind of cool with the yellow spirals.
I transplanted my squash seeds that sprouted. I decided to put them in food containers that I had saved. Once they get too big for those either they will be transplanted into individual containers or maybe they will end up in the garden. None of the yellow squash sprouted so I just took what seeds I had left and put them in a tray in dirt. It they grow, they grow.

I made homemade pizza yesterday. Let's just say it was very tasty and it will give me enough for several meals.

Today I have been going thru my stash looking for fabrics to make more masks. The fabric I ordered April 10 has not shipped yet and I have to keep making masks. The company I work for is going to reimburse me for the fabric I use. I have been cutting fabric all day and sorting and straightening out the fabric in my stash. I have found a lot of scraps when going thru the piles on my shelves and have tossed those scraps into an empty bin I had. I will post pictures of the shelves and get a number on the amount of fabric I have gone thru so far.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Masks, elastic and more snow

I got 11 more masks made and on Friday handed over a total of 31 with ties.
The good news is that yesterday I received the elastic! I cut two hanks up getting ready for some serious mask making. Your looking at 200 meters or 218 yards of elastic.
The bad news is the fabric I ordered for making masks, as of yesterday, has not shipped. Things are slow out there because of reduced staffs and everyone is ordering online. I will just dig thru my stash and just use whatever fabric I don't have a problem with leaving my stash. When the girl picked up the masks on Friday she told me that some of the guys are wearing the masks with the crazy batik facing out! They like the wacky palm trees fabric I had used. Who knew! The fabric on the back of this mask and the loose piece were from the same piece of fabric. The colors varied wildly.

Yesterday it snowed here in NE Ohio from 9:30 until about 4 p.m. After that it rained. I hope this is the last of the snow for this year!

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Same thing - more masks

I got another dozen done yesterday.
I have another 15 that I am working on today.
Here are two fellow employees wearing masks I made
Made two loaves of banana nut bread
The neighbor's magnolia tree is blooming. That pine tree I had taken down a little over a year ago seems to agree with the magnolia tree.
This morning I woke up to snow again! It is forecasted to snow Friday too. I need to mow my grass!

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

A few more made

I am out of elastic so I am back to making masks with ties. I was so tired yesterday I had a hard time keeping my eyes open. I only managed to get 8 masks cut out and sewn. Better than nothing! LOL!!

I am going to have to go thru my stash again to see if I can find more fabrics to use for masks until the fabric I ordered arrives.

Monday, April 13, 2020

More masks

Saturday I spent some time straightening up the fabric storage room and the studio. It looks better, but I have a bit more to do. Otherwise, I worked on masks for work. I managed to make 54 with the elastic from my brother and what I found in my stash.
Here they are in progress. It took me 11 hours to make these.

I will have to go back to making the ones with ties until my elastic order shows up.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Cranking up mask making

At work my only job now is to make masks. They want a lot - 150 now and eventually 300. I got the first 30 with elastic done and handed over with the masks with ties.

I was texting my sister and she said her husband wanted to make masks for his workers. He ordered two roll of elastic. What!? I asked her where and she said - wait for it - ebay! Why it did not dawn on me to look there, well that is a different discussion! I needed more elastic for work so I have 200 yards coming, plus black fabric, a batik for the backside, and thread. I did find odd and ends of elastic so I will use that to get as many masks as I can by Monday.

When I looked at the window this morning it was snowing! The snow is all melted now at and it is sunny out, but the wind is very cool.