Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Tote bags are progressing

Spent the first 45 minutes of my time at home helping the neighbor move a heavy box into their garage and then her husband came home so a conversation ensued. I did finally go inside and get my half hour of quilting on 2010 done, then I was onto sewing tote bags. I got six sewn together and they still need pressed. It takes me about 10 minutes to sew the handles on and the sides. That means it is going to take 3 hours and 20 minutes to sew together the remaining 20 bags. Geeze! I need to get faster!

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

2010 quilt, t-shirt quilt, cross stitch fabric

After work I dropped off my sewing machine at UPS then did my half hour on the 2010 quilt. I got this section done.
I fast forwarded thru 90% of the Billboard awards. Geeze what a lousy show this year. Too much rap, too much country, so much bleeping. Thank goodness Silk Sonic was on early in the show. I wonder how many hours they practiced their routine for the song they performed?  It was so well done.  I did take a picture of the t-shirt quilt. I still need to sew on the right and bottom borders.
I did two loads of laundry and opened my happy mail which was three pieces of cross stitch fabric. I have a couple more pieces coming. I am building up a small stash.
I didn't get everything done on my list last night, I was just too tired after not getting enough sleep Sunday night. We will just roll those uncompleted items forward and try again tonight!

Monday, May 16, 2022

Packed weekend

The weekend started off with mowing the grass Friday night after work. An hour and fifty minutes later I was done. I didn't do any trimming. I did mow around this patch of groundcover - I forget the name of it - because the bees were enjoying the flowers.  Once the flowers die I will mow it, but in the meantime I have this lovey patch of purple.
I didn't feel like sewing once I came in from mowing so I worked on merging Lana' floss with mine. Guess what? All the DMC floss did not fit in the double sided box. Lana had some colors I didn't have, I had some she didn't have, then there was a lot we both had. I can't imagine I will have to buy any floss for a long time except for black. Neither one of us had much of that. I did have room to put the Cosmo floss in the single box along with the few skeins of Leo and Roxy floss. Here it is all sorted and organized.
I took the car Saturday morning to get the oil changed and a headlight bulb replaced. They no longer have a car wash, but they give you a free carwash coupon for a new place right down the street. My car was DIRTY so I headed over there and what fun! It was like going thru a disco inspired carwash! Different colored lights as you are pulled thru and the most colorful soap! Doesn't take much to entertain me! LOL!!
After I got home I started working on the handles for tote bags. One hour and 25 minutes later I had 52 handles pressed.
It took another hour and 10 minutes to stitch the handles.
I took a break and repotted some plants, did some dishes, packed up my sewing machine to ship it to get it repaired
and spend an hour and a half hand quilting 2010 which would be my half hour a day for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Here is part of what I quilted
I decided to work on sewing the t-shirt quilt together. On Sunday after I got back from running some errands I finally added the top and left side border to the t-shirt quilt. I got the other two borders ready to sew on, but I forgot to take a picture. Here is at least the picture with the two borders sewn on.
I knew what backing I was going to use for this quilt so I cut it to size and sewed it together.
I also finished the spider cross stitch piece.
I switched from working on the quilt to go back to the tote bags. I need to press over the tops of the bags to finish the edge where the handles will go. I pressed over 2" and then folded it so I had a double 1". It took me a half hour to press 17 bags then I just finished the rest in a few minutes here and there. I am now ready to assemble the first 26 bags.
My neighbor stopped over about 7 last night and brought me three things that need repair work - lining in a ski mitten, hole in leggings, and a missing hook. Nothing big, but I will have to find the time to squeeze this in.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Big progress on the piano key border

I started off my evening by making a pot of chili and some brown rice to go with it. I usually make my chili in the crock pot, but I only had a couple hours so into the Staub Dutch oven and slow cook it. This will be breakfast and lunch thru the weekend. Yes, I eat chili with brown rice for breakfast!
I wanted to see if I had enough t-shirt fabric cut for the piano key border, so I sliced up the pieces and got them sewn together. I just slapped them up on the design wall and I am pretty close to having enough.
I dug thru the pile of leftover bits and found plenty to make a couple more sections of border.
I am going to try to squeeze in 15 - 30 minutes a day quilting on this older UFO to try and get it done.
The baseball baby quilts made it to my sister's house and they have been delivered to the grandmother. My sister said she loved them and she will get pictures of the kids with their quilts. In the box I had her scissor holder and she sent me a picture of her's all loaded up with her best scissors.
I have lots of plans this weekend; let's just see what I accomplish. I would like to get the t-shirt top sewn together, go get the oil changed and the headlight replaced, make at least 30 tote bags, and mow the backyard for starters. One thing I will do is download this CD, Silk Sonic, which I have borrowed from the library. It has been playing in my car for two weeks now and I haven't gotten tired of it. I had to listen to it about three times before it grew on me. There are only 9 cuts with the first one being an short intro.  There is a R&B vibe with some funk thrown in and a Donna Summer disco feel in one of the song's beginning. There are some clever lyrics "your sweet perfume is better than a bar-b-que" and my new mantra "I deserve to be with somebody as fly as me ...somebody this fly." LOL! The bad language is not all that bad. In fact, I didn't hear some of it until after I listened to the CD at least 10 times!
Have a great weekend and Happy Trails (another reference from this CD)

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Weeds, floss, and baby birds

This box was sitting at my front door when I got home.
I knew I had better not open it or I wouldn't get any weeding done. I headed out to the back to pull a bunch of thistle before it went to seed. Here are the befores and afters. I promised myself I had to fill my 5 gallon bucket 5 times and then I could stop.
That looked so much better, but I still needed to fill that 5th bucket as it was only half full. I went over to another bed and attacked this patch of Creepin' Charley. That filled the bucket and I called it quits.
I had flipped on the A/C before I weeded so I was expecting the house to be nice and cool.  After weeding I opened the box. Here is what was in it - a Plano Magnum double sided case with 259 bobbins of floss and 11 skeins! It was packaged very well with bubble wrap around the case and lots of wadded paper to protect it.
I got this on ebay for a great price. Here is the floss on one side
and the other side
We are taking about hours of entertainment here! Entertainment merging my floss with this and entertainment stitching with all this floss!  It doesn't take much to entertain me!  LOL!!!  I have found some good deals on cross stitching fabric so more haul is coming!
I already merged the 11 loose skeins with my floss. I looked to see if there was any color 503 in Lana's floss box and there was! I needed more of this for the I Collect piece I am stitching. See it is already coming in handy!
The booklet that was in the case had a woman's name, Lana Cxxxx, so that is why I am calling it Lana's box. The booklet had this chart in it that is going to come in handy. It shows how big the design area will be by fabric count and stitch count.
I was hoping with this double sided case I would have room to put all my floss and pearl cotton in these two cases and get rid of these three containers. We will see!
Meanwhile, the house was not getting very cool. With the new A coil I had installed in November, I should have plenty of cold air. I looked outside and the fan on the condenser was not running. I check the electrical panel to make sure there was juice and there was. Then I thought about this piece that the guys had left on top of the condenser that I found in March or April sitting on top of the condenser. I called the emergency line and a nice fellow called me back. I told him the problem and he walked me thru shoving the disconnect (the piece I found) back into the switch box by the condenser. There was a little spark that made me holler and jump, but the condenser is now running and the house is nice and cool. The service guy said they should have never left that out, but he was glad I didn't throw it away - me too! I should have taken a picture of it before I stuck it in the switch box, but after I got it in there I was not about to take it back out.
This morning I saw two groups of baby Canada Goose that the mommas were moving them off the road. You can tell that the babies were born on different days since you can see the size difference. It is amazing how fast they grow!

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

The right fabric, next quilt project, I Collect progress

I had a hair appointment after work so I didn't get home until 6:30 which made for a short evening for getting anything done. I did find the piece of spiderweb fabric I was looking for that I couldn't find Monday. Here it is beside the other piece I was thinking about using for the back of the spider piece. The piece on the right has a bit of a gold/brown color that I think goes good with the spider. Now I just need to get it finished!
I decided I wanted to finish this t-shirt quilt made from shirts from my nephew's band so I found the pile and  hung up everything I had cut and sewn so far on the design wall.
I need more pieces for the improv piano key border so I cut more border pieces and paired them up.
I took one set, lined them up at the top then sliced them.
The pieces were shuffled then sewn together
I added them to the design wall. These may get moved around once I get the center sewn together and all the pairs cut and sewn.
Here is my progress on the I Collect cross stitch piece. I am thinking of filling in the jar rather than just having the outline. I am going Saturday to get my oil changed and a headlight replaced, so filling in the jar would be a good job to do while I wait.