Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Long post - busy four days!

I will try and condense this post as much as possible, but I did get a lot done! Thursday when I got home from work I sewed together the patio set cover for my neighbor. I got it on the set before the rain started.
Sewed on the label for the Harley quilt and made a bag for it.  It was delivered on Saturday.
Finished 5 tote bags
Opened the two boxes one of my blog readers sent me. 15 pounds more of of tote bags fabric! She also included a beautiful card which I pinned up on my wall.
Saw the two day old fawn.
Friday - made 10 more tote bags and cut out 7 more
Did 2 hours and 15 minutes of weeding the cora bell bed. Here is before and after along with a close up of one of the plants Wanda sent me.
I stitched on the 2010 for 3 or 4 hours to catch up on the days I missed and to rest as I was tired from the weeding. It was hot outside and that just took the wind out of my sails!  I got another section done and started on another. It won't be done for May, but I want to get it done for June.
Saturday - laundry, made a pizza, then sewed together 7 more tote bags. Six are the bigger size so that the 16' drum heads we sell would fit in them. I now have 92 finished and 16 more to sew together for this first round of tote bag making.  These were made with some decorator fabric one of my blog readers sent me.
Went looking for fabric for the binding for the 2010 quilt. I wanted to find the grape colored fabric I had used in the quilt. This was the mess I needed to look thru. Yikes!
So I just spent some time straightening the mess up. Looks much better!
I found the grape fabric
Found another piece of fabric I can use for tote bags
and came across some large pieces that can be used for backing small quilts. I dyed all of these
Mowed and trimmed for an hour and a half, started a cross stich piece, then got ready to go to the show. My nephew was playing with the Michael Stanley Band.
My nephew did a great job.
Saturday and Sunday I spent most of my time working on the t-shirt quilt. By Monday evening it was half quilted.
It was beautiful outside Sunday evening and I went over to my neighbors for a little bit to sit next to the fire pit and talk. Monday I was up early and did a couple hours of weeding.
and I got most of this big bed weeded. I forgot to take an after picture. I ended up with a wheelbarrow full of stuff!
Another 2 hours and the weeds will be under control. I have one bed that still needs weeded so I can get my zucchini plants in the ground. I had four, but I gave one to my neighbor.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

What an evening!

My goodness the evening went fast! I found a bin in the garage I could use for the tote bags. It only had some gallon milk jugs that I used for dyeing fabric in a graduating color range. I haven't dyed any like that in years so into the recycling bin they went except for two jugs. I had to wash the bin out and now the finished tote bags have a way to be transported from show to show.
I cut out the pieces I needed to make the cover for my neighbor's patio set. I will sew it together tonight.
Finished stitching this small and started on the next one.
Made the plunge and got myself an Apple watch. Now I just have to learn about it's features. I went from wearing an ugly watch and fitbit band to an Apple watch. Quite an upgrade! It looks bigger on my wrist in the picture than in person. I got the bigger size so I can read it easier. I texted my son that I spent some of his inheritance; he laughed!
I am taking a day of vacation tomorrow. I need a four day weekend! I have lots planned; let's see what I actually get done! I do need to catch up on the 2010 quilt stitching.  I have missed 3 days this week!  Yikes! Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

More bags, conversation, mowing and a fawn

It was a busy evening! Four more bags are done.  That makes 61 so far. 
I topstitched the rest of the handles that I had pressed the other day. I only have enough handles ready for eight more bags, so I will be back to making handles soon.
I hauled in another box that arrived. This one had my sewing machine in it that I had sent to my repairman in PA. I have two Pfaff 1475CD machines. The one that needed work is my original one.
Next my neighbor knocked on the door and brought me the light fixtures to replace the can lights in my living room.
That lead us to talking about his birthday party that was on Sunday. He wanted to show me the new fire pit he had received and a patio set. I told him he needed a cover for the patio set and I would make him one. Add that to the list!
While we were in his backyard he asked me if I still had some bricks I needed to get rid of. Yes I do and I told him he can have as many as he needs!  I will be glad to get rid of them.  Then he asked my about my gutter brushes and how they were working. I have never looked in any of the gutters to see how clean they are, but we are going to set up a ladder this weekend and look. He is thinking about getting them for his house. That lead to talking about ants and he showed me the stuff he used around the house to keep them from coming in. I am going to have to get some because I have ants!
We talked about my battery powered mower. He is going to get a battery powered mower using his birthday gift card and was still researching which to buy. We were in my front yard and I had to ask who was spraying his lawn because his looked so nice and mine is being overtaken by creepin' charley! His wife came home from yoga so I had to ask her about her Apple watch. I am thinking about getting one. Finally, I said I have to mow! So to end my evening I mowed the one side and the backyard which took about an hour. I am so lucky to have such great neighbors! Oh, I almost forgot. The pregnant doe had her fawn yesterday. I saw her before I left for work at 6 a.m. and she was still pregnant.   Then I saw her last evening at 7:30 p.m. and she was nursing her new little one. I will have to get a picture of them once I can get a good view.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

And it continues ...

Six more bags were finished last night after work. That makes for 57 so far.
There were 43 more that needed finished until this arrived yesterday
One of my blog readers sent me a 24 pound box of fabric that she no longer had a use for so I could turn them into tote bags. How fun is that! Here is what was in the box - two large pieces of decorator weight fabric. Won't those make some fun bags!
This is a stack of miscellaneous items including bags that sheets are packaged in that a friend who is a masseuse buys. All I will have to do is take off the flap and stitch on some handles to make some cute small bags!
Some quilting weight yardage and some toweling
and some fabulous wools which I will combine with the wool I have to make a wool quilt. Thank you Cherie!