Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Making progress!

I got the t-shirts trimmed and added some of the improv b&w sashing strips.
I need to mow tonight so I don't know how much I will get done on this baby t-shirt top. It is coming together quickly though. For the border I will be using a pink fabric with skulls on it; my son picked it out. I think I will audition b&w corner blocks for the border rather than just having border fabric all the way around. I wish I had more of that b&w striped fabric I use for binding the b&w quilt. Maybe some of the other b&w striped fabrics I have that didn't work for the B&w quilt will work for this quilt.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Baby t-shirt quilt and some updates

I got the rest of the strip sets sewn together last evening and there was enough to border all the t-shirts. They still need sewn together and the t-shirts needs trimmed, but it's one step at a time. This quilt will be bigger than a baby quilt, but I always say bigger is better when it comes to a quilt!
Here is the back of the black and white quilt. I used a Moda Grunge wide backing.
The Harley quilt. The woman that runs the poker run, Andrea, that the Harley quilt is raffled off at was at the show in Lorain. She told me it raised almost one thousand dollars. The woman that won it just cried and cried. She and Andrea had bonded a couple years ago since they both ride motorcycles and had daughters killed in car accidents. Here is what this year's quilt looked like
Tote bags. I ended up making around 160 bags this year and had 10 left at the end of our last show this season. I will have to work on making more tote bags for next season sooner so I am not so rushed. People really liked the bags and I am sure most of them will be reused.
The marigolds I planted from seed about a month ago are doing well! I saw the first flower buds so the bits of rain we are having this week will help.

Monday, August 29, 2022

15th finish for 2022

What a busy three days! Let's start off with the finishing of the black and white quilt! After washing, it measures 87 1/2 x 102 1/2. It started out at 104 x 89 1/2. The fabric was white Kona and black Kona. I don't know the maker of the striped fabric. The back is a grunge wide backing. I didn't get a picture of the back - I ran out of time, but I will get one tonight and post it tomorrow.
Friday the band played in Lorain, Ohio. We were right next to the river.
I had made Chocolate Peppermint Pan banging cookies for our group. They were not too sweet and tasted a lot like Girl Scout Thin Mints.
Here is the merch booth and a picture my SIL took of the crowd. My nephew is in the red pants.
I got to bed around 12:30 a.m. Saturday we had a show in Kent. Both days the sun was so hot and it was a struggle. Thank goodness the shade brought a lot of relief. Here is the merch booth early on and after dark when it is all lit up.
We had a great crowd and the evening turned out beautiful. The kids put on a great show both nights.
I did get a little cross stitch done while I sat at the merch booth before the shows.
Saturday I was in bed around 11:30; still a late night for me. Sunday morning I worked on the B&W quilt binding and cut down a tree. The tree wasn't doing very well. The only green was on the very outside, all the interior was bare. I still have some cleanup to do, but the sun was getting too hot.
I also made a pot of chili for meals this week, did several loads of laundry, and got some of the chunky strip stets made for that baby quilt I need to get done.
I'm tired. It is going to be a long day at work.

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Binding in process

It was a busy evening, but I managed to get the binding cut, pieced and pressed for the B&W quilt. This 1 1/2" piece is all I have left after cutting the strips for the binding! That is cutting it close! LOL!! I didn't measure before I started cutting - I just went for it!.
I got the binding sewn on two sides.
After work I had to get my 5,000 mile check up for my tires. Remember back in January when I bought these and sat outside on their bench while I waited? I didn't want to sit inside because of covid. I killed my time by cross stitching while it snowed. Here is a photo of their informational sign.  It reads 32 degrees.
Here is what the sign showed last evening as I sat on the bench waiting. A bit different!
My appointment was at 5 p.m. I arrived at 4:45 and they were done at 4:55. These tire guys don't mess around! I am taking vacation tomorrow. My nephew has one of the biggest shows this season Friday night in Lorain, Ohio. He is opening for ZOSO which is the number one Led Zeppelin band in the country. Right now there is a 40% chance of rain. Lets hope that changes to zero. Saturday we have a show in Kent, Ohio, so you know how I will be spending most of my weekend. I am going to try and get the B&W quilt done. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Buckled down

Once I got home after work and running a few errands, I buckled down and got to work on the B&W quilt. Guess what? All the quilting is done! I appreciated everyone's comments about the binding and I will be going with the striped fabric.  You know what I will be doing tonight after work!
I finally remembered to take a picture of the deck so you could see what my neighbor and I did the other evening. The two board left were not in the weather as much because the soffit covered them a bit so the nails are still intact. With the other boards the nails (which are not the correct fasteners to used for a deck!) were all rusted away except for the ones at the ends. I think what I will do is get the circular saw and cut the deck boards where I can reach and then just start knocking down the joists. Here is the picture of where I was and where the deck is now.
I have been taking this slowly and thinking thru each step of how to take this deck apart safely. I do need to spend some time cutting up the rotten deck boards to put in the trash bin. That is a job for when it is cooler outside.  The joists are in decent shape so I plan on saving those and hopefully they can be reused for the lower platform deck to come out of the garage door. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Which to choose?

The black triangles on one border got quilted last night. I am so close to being done!
I did pull a bunch of B&W striped and dotted fabrics to audition for the binding. After eliminating the ones that the one where the white was more on the cream/off white side, these are the two that I have left. I am leaning toward the stripe.
I did make a loaf of bread between quilting. I was telling a couple people at work about the Italian Harvest Bread I have been making and they wanted the recipe. I decided a taste test would seal the deal, so I made a loaf and cut it in three chunks. I gave two chunks away along with a copy of the recipe.

Monday, August 22, 2022

Progress on the B&W quilt and a busy 5 days

So what did I do in 5 days? Let's start out with quilting. I did the math and I have 92% of the B&W quilt quilted. All I have left to quilt are the black triangles in the outer border. That was a lot of black border to quilt!
Wednesday the band had a show in Cleveland at University Circle. I made those pecan pie mini muffins and giant pan banging chocolate chip cookies for the band and crew.
There was a great crowd! There were people dancing and having a good time. There weirdest thing was that the band had to take a break so they could have a zumba class for a half hour. That was really weird, but so many people came down to the front and they were having a blast. Many knew the steps so I think that the event every Wednesday does this. They already asked us to come back next year. Before the show my nephew was interviewed for 2 minutes on one of the Cleveland tv stations.  By the end of the show so many people came down and stood in front of the stage.
I got 30 bags sewn together to resupply the merch booth. There were only three bags left.
Thursday the band had a show in Kent. It started to sprinkle on my way to my brother's house and by the time we were on our way to Kent it was raining hard. Then it rained even harder once we arrived. We waited around and the weather finally cleared up by 6, but the stage was wet and there was no way we could get set up by 7. The decision was made to postpone the show until the 27th. Here are some pictures of the gorgeous flowers at the venue.
On Friday I sewed together the last 21 bags that were cut out.
Made myself a loaf of Italian Harvest Bread
Saturday I mowed and trimmed the front yard and the neighbor came over and helped me pull off a few more boards off the deck.  I forgot to get a picture.  I spent the rest of the day cleaning and working on the B&W quilt. Sunday was doing dishes, quilting on the B&W quilt and making double chocolate zucchini muffins to take to work.  Those are white chocolate chips peaking out the top. 
This week is going to be busy, a doctor's appointment, check up for my tires, a show on Friday night in Lorain, Ohio, and Saturday a show in Kent.  The show on Friday should be a good one.  We are opening up for the number one Led Zeppelin tribute bands in the country.  They are expecting 7 to 10 thousand people!