Monday, May 22, 2023

Harley quilt progress, bag finished, and more

What a weekend! I will start with the Harley quilt. I now have 19 of the 30 shirts quilted so I made pretty good progress.
I got a good start on shirt number 20. The design takes up most of the space and there is more outlining I have to do.
My brother came over Friday evening to get the bag/cover for the keyboard. He was happy with the fit and it worked great. One strong person can pick it up as before it took two people.
Here it is loaded on the trailer after the show Saturday night. It sure is a lot better than a moving blanket with ropes tied around it!
Yes, Saturday night the band played at a private party. What a beautiful area! They had big tents for the band and for the people sitting at tables. We had some technical difficulties, but we powered thru it.
The merch booth
This is the house next door and it's stand alone guest house. The lots were huge! Since the venue was close to where I work, I drove myself and got to bed at 11:30. Not too bad.
I did get a bit more stitched on the little Blackbird sampler. I stitched a little while sitting at the merch booth, but it was hard to do because the wind was blowing and it was a cold wind. Thank goodness once the sun set the wind stopped. Here is where I was last week and where I am after this morning's stitching session.
I mailed my sister the t-shirt quilt for her daughter and the tin with the Girl Scout pins. The pins all came loose in shipping, but she had a great idea to add her pins and she even had one of our mom's pins! She made a cute guide showing which pin(s) were whose. All of the rest of the pins are her daughter's.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I'm glad to hear the bag worked well. That will be a lot faster to load and unload than the moving blanket and ropes.
Great progress on the quilting.

Kaja said...

The Harley quilt is coming along - there is such a lot of detail on some of those t-shirts. I love the tin with all the pins in - how lovely to have them from different family members.