Thursday, May 18, 2023

Cover/bag assembly progress

There was no messing around last evening. I got straight to working on the keyboard cover. Here is the keyboard I am making the cover for.
The main part of the cover is sewn together.
I need to sew the handles/support straps on the main body. I drew guide lines around the body for the webbing and I hope I can sew the webbing on without taking the side piece partially off. Sometimes when I make these covers and spend a lot of time thinking the construction of the cover thru,  but I don't always have the logistics of adding some parts worked out. I need the straps to go from one side to the other to support the weight of the keyboard. The bag would not hold up with just adding handles.
I have the top of the cover laid out and ready to quilt. It will then be cut to size and hook and loop tape will be added to the bag and the top to keep the top in place.  All of this will make more sense when you see the finished cover. 
I need to have this done Friday evening so I can get it to my brother's house for when he loads the trailer on Saturday.  

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