Thursday, April 15, 2021

t-shirt quilt progress and hauling mulch

First, the t-shirt quilt progress. I didn't have much time to sew after I went inside. I spent way longer working in the yard than I had planned; I will get to that in a minute. Meanwhile, I did get the t-shirts (outlined on the left of this picture) sewn together. I had to add pieces to the gray Key West piece to make it wide enough. I also pressed interfacing onto a couple t-shirt backs for inserting where I need more width or length. Here I am auditioning the insert pieces to the white and the odd colored red shirt.
The step-mother brought me two plastic grocery bags of t-shirts this morning which I will use for adding bits for width and lengths. She brought me some good stuff! It is forecasted to rain this afternoon so maybe I can make some real progress on this quilt tonight.  As soon as I got home from work I was outside working. I wanted to get the rest of the sweet peat mulch up to where I have that fence. I was planning on working an hour, but it turned into two. LOL!! It took about a half hour to finish weeding and then the rest of the time I hauled and spread 11 wheelbarrows of sweet peat mulch. Here is what it looks like now
Next will be cleaning up the far end of this bed. I could use a few more rocks.  This is where I planted some chunks of that ornamental grass.  The chunks kind of blend in with the weeds! LOL!!


Vicki W said...

Your gardens are going to be so beautiful this year!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You brought home so many rocks last summer. Maybe you will have another job site where you can get some more.

Robbie said...

Your T shirt quilt is making progress with the layout! I had to change my my row layouts so many times I thought I'd go nuts! But I'm now adding the borders and hope to finish the last two rows this weekend...then add the sashing...and...well, you know...all that other stuff! HA HA