Monday, April 5, 2021

Candy buckets, project bags, and ornamental grass

I got the second candy fabric bucket done, loaded with candy, and delivered on Saturday. I spent all day Saturday visiting family.
I did get a 10x13 vinyl project pouch made for one of my blog readers. I had some small scraps of vinyl, so I decided to make two small bags - an 8x10 and a 8x6.25 - while I was at it and it used up the 2" and 4" strips I had left.   I decided I needed the 8x6.25 to put in my project bag to keep the floss separate.
I did hit one quilt shop while I was out on Saturday. They had just put a bunch of fabric on the clearance shelf so here is what I picked up for $6.00 a yard The fabulous Marcia Derse. There was 4.75 yards!
I liked this green and I thought the spider fabric was cute.
Then I got a yard of this tone on tone print just because.  It was regular price. 
I was having a hard time getting motivated to do anything Sunday, so I worked on my zebra sampler. I got the zebra done. I next had to figure out how much space I needed to leave for the motifs right above the zebra. I don't want to stitch those until I have the location of the border on the right figured out so I can center the heart. So in order to figure that out, I need to stitch the alphabet. I have the horizontal border started then I can start on the alphabet. I have to think about what to stitch since I don't have a chart and that things might not end up exactly as the picture.  I call this improv cross stitching!  LOL!!
Later Sunday I finally decided I needed to do something physical so I decided to start digging up the ornamental grass. The plants had gotten too big for this bed so it is time to divide them.
This is not going to be a easy job! I now have a process figured out so taking out the rest of them should be a little easier. First I dug around the clump, then went around again pushing the spade down to lift the clump out of the ground, then I tried dividing the clump by thrusting the spade into the clump. Well, I got no where with that technique and trying to cut the clump with a knife was fruitless. Then it dawned on me to use my little electric chainsaw to cut up the clump. I know the dirt is not good for the chainsaw blade, but whatever! I got 5 chunks out of that clump! Those clumps weighed over 5 pounds each.
Here is the plan for the clumps; planting them along the property line.
I got out my mattock to chop some holes for the clumps. This is similar to mine. It is better to use than a shovel because it will chop thru roots and there are a lot of roots in this area.
So now they are planted. I'm not looking for perfection here. There were some big roots that I just had to dig a hole where I could. The dirt was easy to dig thru; to roots were the challenge. I think this will look nice once the plants start growing in.  It is about 30' from the top of the hill where I started to the end of the neighbor's fence.  I have plenty of space for the rest of the divided clumps.  All that green is day lilies that never bloom.  I don't think they get enough sun.  I will probably get out the string trimmer and keep cutting them down.  Eventually they will stop growing. 
Here is one gone, 5 to go. My plan is to dig up one clump each night this week. It took me an hour and a half to dig up and replant the first clump. It ought to go a bit faster since I won't waste time trying to divide the clump with the spade. I will be replanting smaller clumps of the ornamental grass in this bed.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

That Marcia Derse fabric was a real find. That is from a line 5 years ago that is impossible to find anywhere.

Your new area for the ornamental grass should fill in nicely along the fence and never need to be dug up again there.

swooze said...

Successful shopping trip! What great finds.

Wow. That’s a lot of digging. Good to get outside though. Hope it does go smoother and you have some time to relax.

Frog Quilter said...

Another fantastic day for you. Woohoo!!!

Kaja said...

It is so strange to read of you visiting family and shopping - we will be able to do that soon, but it's been a long time. You picked up some great fabrics - especially the Marcia Derse.

Vicki W said...

I love the candy buckets. What a great gift idea!