Monday, October 4, 2021

Never again

Boy did I ever have errands to do. I needed to make a road trip to where I lived before I moved to my current location - a bit over an hour away. I needed to go to the credit union and so while I was in town I did a bunch of my errands. It is easier to get around than where I live now. Five plus hours later I was back home and tired! Had to get the chicken into the fridge and haul in my purchases: new sheets, some hand towels, and clear vinyl. The JoAnn's where I live didn't have any of this weight of vinyl so one of the stops I made at my old stomping grounds was to see it the JoAnn's had any and they did. I needed this in case I have to make more vinyl project pouches or see thru pedal board covers. I bought 4 yards just so I would have plenty.
I cross stitched, relaxed and cleaned off the big table in the studio the rest of the day. Sunday I had to run a few more errands. I wanted to stop at Menard's on my way home Saturday, but the parking lot was packed. No way was I going in there! On Sunday after hitting two grocery stores - the one had the pasta sauce I like on sale. The store where I use to live - their shelves were sparse when I stopped there Saturday. After the grocery stores, Menard's was open so I got the smoke detectors I needed, got gas and went home to start to work on that cover I need to make for the platform.
Remember this is what happen to the first cover? Their puppy that decided to alter the cover. LOL!!
I bought some sturdy coated vinyl that is used for boat covers and glory was that a tough opponent for me. The material was 61" wide so I had to piece it. Getting the volume thru my machine was a battle! I had to find a center point then measure out from there to end up with a 99" circle to cover the 8' round platform.
At least I got smart this time and sewed the velcro on the side piece before I sewed the sides on the big circle. It is like 315" around this circle! After wrestling that vinyl for 4 hours I was exhausted! Not the best sewing work I have done, but I used a heavy duty UV outdoor thread and it is not going to fall apart!  I forgot to take a picture of it laying out on the table; I just wanted to get it folder and into a box so I can ship it today. This is the only picture I got, but I am sure I will get a picture of it on the platform.
Stupid me I should of asked the lady I ordered the vinyl from how much it would have cost the company to make the tarp/cover since they specialize in making tarps. I will never again make one out of that 18 oz. vinyl.

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