Thursday, June 3, 2021

What's next

I still need to make that keyboard bag for my nephew, but on the quilting side I have a bit of a break until next week when, wait for it, I have two more t-shirt quilts to make! A fellow at work saw the one I just finished. He has two sons in their early 20's and had saved their little league shirts. He wanted to get t-shirt quilts made when they graduated from high school, but couldn't find someone to do it. So yesterday he asked me if I would make the quilts for Christmas and of course I said yes! Meanwhile, I decided to pull out a box of linens and miscellaneous and go thru it. I have always wanted to make a quilt of odd fabric bits and pieces I have accumulated over the years and this was before I knew anything about the Gee's Bend quilters. I plan on making something that is a mashup between Rosie Lee Thompkins
and Sue Willie Seltzer
I sorted thru the box and found this linen Zoar tea towel I have had for more than 40 years ( I was wondering where it was! LOL!!), a Moda towel I got at QuiltCon, and I have no idea where the Ohio piece came from. They all need washed so they are in the laundry basket waiting their turn.
Then there is this pile that contains a damask tablecloth and some napkins, old huck fabric towels, some cotton napkins, lace dollies, and lace edge dollies, and then this table runner and napkins that have never been embroidered. Look at the date on the flyer - 1947! I picked a few things I am going to use, but the rest of this I will never use and it is time it is passed on. If anyone out there wants any of it let me know, otherwise it is going to the Goodwill.
My nod to Sue Willie Seltzer is using these two preprinted panels that are from my Mom's stash.
Here are some more things I plan on incorporating - a couple cross stitch pieces, labels I removed from two quilt, an handkerchief from my Grandmother and four homemade Sears hand towels. Aren't they a hoot! They remind me of my Dad. We lived a little town and so he ordered everything from the tiny Sears catalogue store which consisted of only a counter with the catalogues. The closest larger town was 25 miles away and back then there were no big department stores just some family owned type stores. To go to a real department store it was at least a 50 mile one way drive, thus the Sears catalogue store was the way to shop.
I dug around and have these items I would like to incorporate. The pink flowered ribbon is from my wedding dress, the fancy gold ribbon on the right is from an angel costume I made my son when he was in Kindergarten, the four patched above are from my grandmother's sewing box, and the flag patches are from a Taekwondo gee that my son wore when we took a year of lessons. Who knows what else I might find!  I am just glad I have another box emptied!
I did cross stitch quite a bit yesterday and made a lot of progress on the rocking horse. Here is where I was and where I am now.
My new tool arrived! It is for mitering corners that are not 90 degrees. I quit working on installing my baseboard because I was so frustrated with trying to get decent joints and now my problem is solved! I have the trim in two bedrooms and in the living room to install. The one bedroom doesn't have any furniture in it so that will be easy, but the other bedroom is full and it is going to be an opportunity to clean it up and purge!
I am taking a vacation day tomorrow so we will catch up on Monday! Have a great weekend!


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Enjoy your 3 day weekend. I think you are going to get some of the same heat that is headed our way.

Vicki W said...

The linen quilt will be so much fun to make and a nice break from t-shirt quilts!

Cherie in St Louis said...

I’m looking forward to seeing your Gees Bend influence project development. You have so much good stuff to work with!

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

I love the Rosie Lee Thompkins inspirational quilt, so much happening! Looking forward to seeing where this idea takes you.