Monday, June 19, 2023

T-shirt quilt progress, gardening, and a visitor

It took a lot of messing around to get the last border the right length and width, but after a couple hours it was finally right. I added it on, got the backing ready, and by Sunday afternoon the quilt was almost half pin basted. It is measuring 72" by 95".
I spent 3 hours Sunday morning clearing out weeds. The bed next to the front of the house only had a few. It looks like the marigold seeds I threw down a couple of weeks ago are finally coming up. I decided to plant my jalapeno in this bed. It has been sitting outside on top of the garbage bin and the deer have not touched it so I am going to live on the edge and plant it without any fencing. It will get plenty of sunshine and it looks like the buds are already forming for the peppers. This is my first go at growing jalapenos.
I then went after the weeds in the center bed. The was mostly clover that needed pulled out. I got the garden rake and pulled out a lot of leaf debris from the bulbs that had died back and used my nifty new triangle garden hoe to get any weeds out from under the mugo pine.
I bought that hoe from ProHoe instead of the other place I had bought my other new hoe from. ProHoe's shipping was only $18, which was a lot less than what I paid for the other hoe's shipping. I bought the OOG Rogue model with the 54" handle. I kind of wish I had gone with the 60" handle. After gathering two 5 gallon buckets of weeds and stuff, the center bed was looking better.
The coneflowers in this bed are getting ready to bloom
The area on the opposite side where I had removed the day lilies is now showing signs of life with the California Poppies I planted
and the Black-eyed Susans are starting to show themselves!
I had just enough space to plant one of my zucchini plants. The three zucchini plants I have are still on top of the garbage bin and the deer have not touched them so I threw one in the ground. Let's see how it does.
Saturday morning I was in the sewing studio and look who came to visit. He stood there for a  minute or two.
I don't see that many bucks; they usually stay in the woods so I was real surprised to see him. This morning before I left for work I looked along the side of the house to see if there were any chipmunks in the traps and saw a doe. I didn't see any fawn.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

The quilt looks great! Your center bed is doing well. I think my coneflowers are at about the same stage as yours now.

Vicki W said...

OMG, your deer are BOLD!