Monday, May 24, 2021

What a weekend

First lets start with the t-shirt quilt. I am now 95% done with the quilting. Here are the two shirts left to quilt circled in green. I had to go out and water the plants and get the dishes done so I simply ran out of time to finish this last night. I figure I will be starting on the binding Wednesday after work so I should have the quilt done by the end of next weekend.
Saturday I was up early and worked in the yard a bit. I refreshed my cedar mulch in front of the newer flower bed. I had six bags I spread and then laid out the tarp for storing the sweet peat. I moved 10 loads of sweet peat from the front of the house to the tarp.  I have 8 to 10 more wheelbarrows of mulch to move.  I will be glad to have the mulch out of the driveway. 
There was the fattest racoon sniffing around the backyard. He still moved pretty quick when I opened the window to take a picture of him.
After a couple hours of moving mulch I needed to get in the shade. I decided to clean off one of my tables in the garage so it was ready when the rest of my supplies arrive for framing my counted cross stitch. Flat surface equals catch all so it was time to clean it up!
I had this wooden box that my Dad had made. I really never used it for anything, but it dawned on me that I could keep all my framing supplies like wire, eye hooks, straight pins, etc. in it. I had taken out some of the plastic containers and used those for keeping things so I found some wood in the garage and cut three pieces to make shelves. Everything will now be in one place and stay clean!
After work on Friday I stopped several places to pick up some framing supplies, glazing points, wood glue, a corner clamp, and a tape measure for my neighbor for a birthday gift. I got the table all cleaned up and screwed the clamp on my table. I am all ready for the foam core and molding to arrive then I can get started on framing the five pieces I have.
Saturday afternoon my neighbor's wife threw him a 40th birthday party. I ended up talking to his dad. We talked about all kinds of stuff including the new home he just built. Somehow the conversation lead to talking about when I was looking for a house big enough for my quilting table then to the t-shirt quilt. He decided he might be interested in me making him a quilt with all his baseball shirts. At 78 he still plays and has collected a lot of shirts. With moving he said he questioned why he lugging all those shirts to the new house. I took him over to my place and showed him the t-shirt quilt. He thought it was great and now will be dropping me off a box of shirts to make him one!  The shirts were going to the Goodwill and now he says he will have a quilt to put in the family room.


Kathy S. said...

You've been busy productive! Great job, Patty. My dear friend is having hip surgery at the end of this week. We're going to do the plant swaps hopefully tonight or tomorrow. Can't wait what new perennials I get to play with. The ones I planted in the chicken yard last year are mostly doing great. I haven't tilled the garden yet. That will happen after the plants get moved.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I only see raccoons at night. It looks strange to see one in daylight.

Ann said...

I think your raccoon is pregnant. Just sayin'.
Your dad's box is wonderful. What a lovely memento. Make sure you put documentation in it so everyone will know.
And congrats on getting another commission. He's lucky you'll work with all his shirts to make a beautiful quilt.

Cherie in St Louis said...

How cool is that to be able to make him a quilt rather than the shirts going to Goodwill where they may or may not be reused. A new commission to boot!!! I LOVE your dad's box!

Robbie said... you ever stop! I get tired just reading all you do...but I understand your energy. I can't sit and do just now takes me longer to do as much as I'd like. Then I'm so exhausted I could cry! HA

I applaud you for doing another T-shirt quilt! I'm more for this old gal! HA

swooze said...

Sweet story on the T-shirt quilt!

Wow what an industrious lady. You’ve motivated me to work in my yard to spiff it up.

Vicki W said...

The box your Dad made is so cool!