Friday, May 14, 2021


It has been a long week at work (don't have much to do so it makes the time go slow, but some work is coming my way - yeah!) I did get another shirt quilted. This is a sweatshirt. It quilted just find, but I found that my foot was dragging on the rubbery design since the fabric is so much thicker than a t-shirt. I just had to hold the fabric as flat and taunt as possible as I outlined the design and letters.
I made some good progress on the Xmas stocking. I will be done with the tree after a few more hours of stitching. Here is where I ended yesterday and where I am now.
I have no big plans for the weekend except to work on the t-shirt quilt and finish mowing the grass. I mowed the front after I got home from work so at least that part is done. Have a great weekend!


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Do you have a teflon foot? That should slide over the rubbery stuff. Also I have seen that people lay tissue paper over the rubbery area when they are ready to quilt that area.

Ann said...

It is tough to quilt on sweatshirts. I do what you do but like Wanda's suggestions. Enjoy your weekend.

Robbie said...

Wow...the Christmas stocking is amazing!!!! I have to have my quilt finished by Thursday, as that's graduation day! YIKES!!!! You did more quilting than I did! I kept my simple lines...some fmq but for the most part just simple..enough to hold it together! HA