Monday, August 14, 2023

A busy three days

I sewed together another 20 tote bags together on Sunday
and I did a bit of weeding. It was hard to weed with the humidity being so high. The sweat was just pouring into my eyes. I did finally get the Lenten Rose bed weeded. There was some thistle coming up and I wanted to get it pulled before it went to seed. Here is the before and after. Not a big change, but in person it does look a lot better.
I found a bunch of baby Lenten Roses coming up all over the place! I am going to have to make a spot so I can transplant them. I would like to have plants to take to my house I am going to buy when I retire. Here are just a few of the many I found.
I also weeded this bed for just a few minutes. I couldn't take the humidity anymore so there is a lot more that needs done.
I did run a couple errands and came across some wonderful succulents. It was all I could just to buy two. The pots didn't have drain holes so I repotted them and so far they seem happy. I also worked on finishing a gift for my sister for her birthday, but I can't show you it because she reads my blog. I will show you once she receives the package.
Friday we made our way to Meadville, PA for a show. I brought some cookies left from the ones I gave my friend for her wedding reception
and I made some double chocolate zucchini muffins
It was hot, but the venue was nice. Here is the merch booth and the stage
I feel like I am finally making a dent in getting things done. I laid out the next grouping of items that need fixed or finished - repair two pairs of jeans for my neighbor, hem my pants, fix a pillowcase, and finish two more tote bags.
I was at the merch booth and I saw this lovely lady with a big smile on her face walking toward me and I just knew it was my blogging friend and it was! It is like we have known each other forever! Her husband was so nice. Michael had gotten VIP tickets for them. My friend hung out with me a bit until the show started then came back later. She loved the crossbody bag I made her. I also gave her a couple project bags, some cookies and muffins. She gave me a hand bagging merchandise at the booth so we could talk a bit while I waited on customers. She brought me a bag of batting pieces big enough to make placemats and some more fabric for tote bags.
We plan on getting together again. We only live a bit more than an hour and a half from each other. I was having a bit of a rough time and she lifted my spirit! C, I am so glad you came! The band was to have another show on Saturday, but the forecast was bad so it was postponed.


Cherie Moore said...

Both the cookies and double chocolate zucchini muffins were DELICIOUS 😋 Seriously amazing! I was so happy to meet up with finally and more than happy to stand by and help :). Michael’s show was so high energy and his music was fabulous. Thanks, again!

Vicki W said...

So glad you got to spend some time with your friend! You have got to be feeling a little overwhelmed with your travel and other projects.

Kathy S. said...

So glad your bloggy friend, "C", came to surprise you. What fun. You have definitely been busy with all the sewing and weeding. Yes, it has definitely been humid here. School for me starts tomorrow (full time). School for our son starts on Tuesday next week. With school starting, the humidity seems to dwindle.

This is the first time I have heard you talk about retiring! How exciting. Life changing stuff like that can be scary. I know you will keep your time full of everything. Glad you are growing little plants to take with you.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I know what you meant about the humidity and sweating. I had the sweat running into my eyes too and had to give up on the weeding quicker than I had planned. Today looks like lower humidity and cooler so back at it.
Your flower beds are looking great. I'll have to look around my Lenten Roses to see if they are sending up babies yet.