Monday, August 28, 2023

My long weekend

I took Thursday and Friday off work to work the merch booth for my nephew and get some little jobs done. The show for Thursday was postponed to Saturday because of rain so I spent the day pin basting the flannel quilt. It is now ready to quilt.
I fixed my SIL's pillowcase. The white print border is fabric that came from a comforter that I redid for her a couple years ago. The comforter was made by her grandmother when she was a child and to say the least the comforter was in rough shape and the fabric was thin. I could quilt the heck out of the new quilted comforter, but the fabric had to stand by itself on the pillowcase. It ripped. I found a scrap of the flannel I used to make the body of the pillow and also was used on the back of the quilted comforter. It was just enough to repair the pillowcase. It is now boxed up along with six new pillowcases ready to mail to her for her birthday.
The show Friday was in Mansfield. The show went well and the weather cooperated. The worst part was that there was no ramp to push the equipment up to the stage so everything had to be picked up 4 feet to be put on the stage. Some of the stuff is heavy! Then after the show when the kids are tired, they all pitched in to get the stuff off the stage and roll it down the hill to load it in the trailer. When we finished loading, a few drops of rain started coming down as we headed home.
Saturday I fixed my neighbor's jeans that I have had for a few months. There were several places where the back pockets were tearing from the pants. Those are now fixed and waiting for pickup.
I finished stitching a small sampler and I fully finished a small.
The binding is made for the flannel quilt.
It was then time to drive to the next show. It was in Kent which is only a half hour's drive. Here is the merch booth and I have an arrow pointing to my car where I scored and excellent parking spot!
We had a nice crowd.  This picture was taken early and more people did come.  
The flowers were so pretty and the hydrangea bushes were huge.
Sunday I spent time cleaning up and figuring out what I needed to work on next. I bought a bigger sketch book to use for keeping track of the sewing I do for bands. I had a much smaller book and it just wasn't big enough for the pictures and drawings as well as figuring the measurements. All my notes were just a mess. Sometimes I do have to go back and remake a replacement cover so I need to keep the measurements. I decided I wanted a project bag to keep the book in so I whipped one up. It needed to be bigger than the ones I have made. It finished 15 1/4" x 13 1/4".
Here is the new book in it bag and the old book that was way too small. I don't have everything I ever made for bands in this book, but I am glad to finally get my act together.
To finish out Sunday I mowed the front yard, one side yard and did a bit or trimming. With all the rain and humidity, the weather has been ideal for growing grass.  I don't even want to talk about the weeds!


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

What was the venue thinking to not have a ramp to load in the equipment?
A free day to baste your quilt was a good thing.
I have to think about mowing this week. Wednesday is going to be the coolest at 72 so I might hold off until then for the front yard.

Vicki W said...

How nice to have a free day! I hope these shows had less drama than the pone a couple of weeks ago.