Thursday, May 26, 2022

What an evening!

My goodness the evening went fast! I found a bin in the garage I could use for the tote bags. It only had some gallon milk jugs that I used for dyeing fabric in a graduating color range. I haven't dyed any like that in years so into the recycling bin they went except for two jugs. I had to wash the bin out and now the finished tote bags have a way to be transported from show to show.
I cut out the pieces I needed to make the cover for my neighbor's patio set. I will sew it together tonight.
Finished stitching this small and started on the next one.
Made the plunge and got myself an Apple watch. Now I just have to learn about it's features. I went from wearing an ugly watch and fitbit band to an Apple watch. Quite an upgrade! It looks bigger on my wrist in the picture than in person. I got the bigger size so I can read it easier. I texted my son that I spent some of his inheritance; he laughed!
I am taking a day of vacation tomorrow. I need a four day weekend! I have lots planned; let's see what I actually get done! I do need to catch up on the 2010 quilt stitching.  I have missed 3 days this week!  Yikes! Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Good luck on figuring out all of the features on the Apple Watch. I have a PC not apple computer so I don't know if there would be any advantage to changing.
Have a great 4 day weekend. Wouldn't that be nice if you could always have 4 days of work and then 4 days off?

Ann said...

Happy holiday. Enjoy your new watch. I tell my kids that, too.

Robbie said...

Glad to see you taking some time off...well, not really time'll be so busy you'll want to go back to work! HA

Christine said...

Woo! Hoo! That crate is a great find. Not sure what an apple watch is.... Google here I come. lol

abelian said...

You'll love your watch! I also got the larger size, so I could read it more easily. There is a user guide for the watch at It can be viewed online, but if you scroll down on the first page of the online guide, you'll find a link to also download it as a PDF. Not sure I can post a link here; just Google "Apple Watch user guide" and it will be one of the top hits. There are a lot of features, and lots to learn! Dot

swooze said...

I took that extra day too. I needed to step away from everything!