Monday, February 8, 2021

Quilting done; binding underway

I got the last of the Harley quilt quilted - yeah! I got the binding on and have it hand sewn on one of the short sides. I decided to match as closely as possible the binding to the colored t-shirts. I had to dig for quite a while until I found solid colors that were a close match and I ended up having to piece some of the fabric together. For that dark green, I found a strip about 2" wide and 40" long. I sewed it together lengthwise to get a strip wide enough. I cut the binding at 3". It was the only piece of green that I could find that would work.  For the other shirt in this picture, I had to dig thru my hand dyed fabric to find a weird green/gray color.  It matches pretty good!
One little trick I do is when I sew on the binding I use a color in the bobbin that will stand out from the backing. This makes it easier when I hand stitch the binding on because I can see the stitching line where I need to fold over the binding. The color of the thread doesn't show since I run my needle right under the stitching line. If I would have used black, it would be so hard to see. Here you can see I used pink thread.  And yes, I just barely had enough width for the backing.  Part of the selvage is going to show, but that is just part of the story that this quilt will tell. 


Pauline Michaud said...

This quilt looks awesome, Patty. Love it and love the backing. The deep freeze has settled here where I live. It was -25.6 Farenheit this morning, with windchills between -54 Farenheit and -65 Farenheit. Records have been broken. I have to say, it was nice "having" to work from home due to Covid as I didn't have to try to drive to work in this weather. It should start warming up towards the end of the week. Hope you are having better weather where you live.

swooze said...

Wow lots of work to make that binding! Did you have to add any length to go around the corner?

Frog Quilter said...

Congratulations on your almost finish.