Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Progress on the music UFO

I made good progress last evening. I quilted the strips in four blocks that needed white thread. It's a pain to keep changing thread colors so I went ahead and quilted with the white before I had to change the thread color. The blocks in pink have only the white strips quilted; the blue outlined blocks are done. I am now 22% done with the quilting. The machine is all set up with black thread so I will be quilting those two pink outlined blocks tonight.  I will probably quilting the black in the block adjoining those two blocks and save myself another thread change.  It will be easier to see to quilt too since I had to replace the burnt out bulb in the sewing machine.  It had been burnt out for a couple days.  That task is always a challenge so I was dragging my feet. It didn't take me too long this time. The key is to wear a glove with a gripper surface so the bulb can be shoved in and twisted with just my pointer finger and my thumb.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I'm glad to hear you solved the problem of getting the bulb in the Pfaff. I'll have to remember that tip next time I need to do mine. I had used a balloon one time to hang onto the bulb but it wasn't a perfect fix.

Vicki W said...

I think I remember when you made this top. I used the same fabrics in a quilt for my nephew. I have a machine that is hard to change the bulb too. I keep a little piece of rubber shelf liner in my motions drawer just for that purpose.