Thursday, December 5, 2019

Making progress and strange packages

I got a good start on quilting quilt top number 4. I thought I would try out using some blue thread and see how I liked it. Quilting these giveaway baby quilt tops opens the door for some experimentation with colors I may not have tried in the past.

I have been getting packages at the house with my name and address from Amazon. It is stuff I never ordered and my credit card has not been charged. In mid-November I received a pair of windshield wipers; they are not the right size for my car.

Then Tuesday I got a pair of noise cancelling headphones.
Both times I got on Amazon's website and chatted with several people trying to figure out why these items end up with my name on them when I didn't order them. No luck figuring out why. I told them next time they could send me a diamond necklace! LOL!!! I will end up donating the wipers and give the headphones to my son.


Vicki W said...

My niece just noticed that a payment was made to her student loan that paid it off plus $11k! I don't think they will be like Amazon and let her keep it!

Kaja said...

I like how that thread looks. It would freak me out a bit getting stuff I hadn't ordered, even if I weren't being charged. The other day I was talking to my sister and my ipad suddenly said "that's what I thought". I emphatically do not want electronic goods that join in my conversations!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well for me, those unordered items would be an unwanted mystery. I don't like happenings with no explanation. The quilt looks great.
xx, Carol

barbara woods said...

they say anything you get that you didn't order is yours