Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Happy Halloween!

Before I left for California on the 20th, my sister and BIL arrived on Thursday. My sister gave me my birthday presents so she didn't have to mail them. No complaints here for early presents! Look what she gave me! Two pairs of scissors with fobs she cross stitched. The fobs are so tiny! The sampler fob is 1" square! She bought the scissors with the wooden scissor cap in Alaska when they went on cruise.
Then she made me this fabulous needle book and added my signature skull to the design! It says "October nights bring Halloween frights."
They also gave me a bottle of my favorite beverage.
I was back home on Friday the 27th, but I was either too tired to didn't have time to post. I went to California to visit my brother and SIL and to do some sewing for them. Originally, I was going to make drapes, but the project was more involved so we switched and I made cushions and pillow for the breakfast nook. The first JoAnn's we went to was just awful - the store was a mess and the fabric selection was bad. We went to another location and it was a very nice store. We found a great selection and walked out with almost everything we needed.
I made these two pillows with this embroidered fabric. I made piping out of the same fabric for these
These two with a quilted fabric. Used purchased piping for these
Made the pillow with the bird fabric shown in the center. I used the green fabric from the large green pillow in the back for the piping and made the two cushions to sit on for the bench. I have two more of the big green pillow to make. I just ran out of time.
In the evenings my brother and SIL would come up with more fun projects for me to do. I put a new zipper in my SIL's favorite travel bag.
Made a tutu for Joie for Halloween
I helped my brother with a couple of house items. Held pieces in place for screwing together a frame for a gate and helped him hang two coat hook racks. He would have had me help more, but I needed to sew.
Since I got home I have been sewing together a few of the blocks for the I Spy quilt. I have four of the blue blocks sewn and the missing fifth one is almost done.
I also fixed a fitted sheet that was always too small.
Tomorrow I will post about how well my brother and SIL fed me and show you some the of sceanery. Saturday was Trick or Treat here. Several of us gathered at the end of one neighbor's driveway to hand out treats. I brought my fire pit and we had music playing as we watched the end of the Notre Dame game and the start of the Ohio State gave on a phone.
We had about 10 kids show up. The alien costume cracked me up.

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Your new scissors and fobs are a perfect gift for you. Your sister must have great eyesight or nice magnifiers to do such tiny cross stitch.
The fire pit was a great idea while waiting for the trick or treaters. We might have snow on the ground tonight when our little goblins come around.