Monday, October 16, 2023

What I got done

It was a busy weekend! I did the jacket done. I made this for traveling as I put zippers on all the pockets so I could keep stuff secured. There are two inside pockets and two large outside pockets. I sewed the inside pockets on first so the outside pockets would cover up the stitching lines.
I hemmed two pairs of pants and made a batch of brownies for a fellow at work for his birthday on Monday. That was Sunday.
Saturday I decided I wanted to go on a road trip to one more cross stitch shop for the Tour de Stitch. It was an easy drive on the non-highway roads and it only took about an hour. This shop - Just Stitching - had lots of beautiful models and loads of charts. I was looking for fabric, but they didn't have much to pick from.
I bought two pieces of linen and a chart.
On my way home I stopped at Michael's to see if they had any Rit Liquid dye. I think I will have to give a shot at dyeing my own hand dyed fabric. I have dyed fabric before with Procion dye, but the Rit is a bit easier to use and to play with. Michael's had a good selection and it was a good deal with a 30% off coupon. When I got home the package with the coats was sitting at the front door. Eddie Bauer had a sale and I order two different sizes of the same coat since I didn't know what would fit and I could take the other one back to the local mall store and not have to mail it. Neither one fit, but the fellow that waited on me helped me find one that did. I got one with lots of pockets, rain resistant, and lined for winter walking. It had a two-way zipper and a hood too. I am all set for winter. I have been just wearing a lightweight rain jacket with a hoodie underneath for most of the time. If it was very cold, I would wear my son's Notre Dame Starter jacket I bought him when he was in either middle or his first year in high school. I make him buy a big size so he could wear it a long time because it was an expensive coat! Yes, it is a men's jacket. They just fit me better.
Watched some football both days and that about rounds out the weekend.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

The jacket you made looks really great for travelling. I have a couple travel garment patterns that I intended to make but never got around to it.

Vicki W said...

That's a perfect travel jacket with your mods. It's so cool to see cross stitch shops around again. I bet your coworkers were very happy today about the Browns game!