Monday, October 3, 2022

18th Finish for 2022

It was a busy, busy weekend and I got some stuff done! On Saturday, I finished the vintage 4 patch quilt! After washing it measured 64" x 72". I did overdye it Sunday morning in a brown dye to help tone down the section I added and the borders.
I did go and do a bit of shopping on Saturday. I need three 8" cake pans for a birthday cake I need to make. I only had two 8" round cake pans, but I bought three since they were a bit heavier than what I had and I wanted all the layers to bake the same. I needed a bigger offset spatula and that was on sale. I had to get the gray skull spatula just because and I found some Texas sized muffin papers that are hard to find. I double up the coupons by using the ones for 40% off and 25% off my entire order.
I did work on my denim jacket a bit. I need to repair the lining which I should have done before it got so bad. I made a pattern for the piece I needed to replace at the neck. I then machine sewed it on the jacket.
While the lining was open at the neck area, I decided I needed to fix the inside pocket first. It took a couple hours, but the pocket area all fixed. There is handwork that will be needed to repair the lining at the neck area. Here is the before and after
I then made some chocolate zucchini muffins.
I then worked on my oldest quilt top that I pieced. I made this top in 1977/1978 so it is  44-45 years old. It is a scrappy barn raising log cabin. I started quilting in 1975 and didn't have a scrap pile like I do now. I worked at a JC Penny's store and we sold fabric. I would buy 1/8 or 1/4 yard pieces of every print we had, because I thought all quilts were scrappy since that is all I had seen in a magazine we had at work. I knew nothing about quilts when I started.  The top measures 94" x 115". It is a good thing I have this 8' x8' table!  Here I have it partially pin basted.
As you can see the table is not big enough for this quilt. I pin basted as much as I could. Then I dropped down the leaf so I could reach more of the quilt to pin baste.
I then pulled unpinned basted part of the quilt up on table, smoothed it out, and got it pin basted.
This quilt was the second large quilt I had made and back then I didn't have a large table to work on. I remember eventually I used a door propped up on saw horses as a working table. Anyway, the border at one end of the quilt is a bit full so there will be some working in of the fullness when I quilt this. I might look at this again and see if taking it apart and resewing it would help because it is pretty bad.


Vicki W said...

What a difference quilting and overdyeing made on the 4-patch quilt! That's going to be a great snuggle quilt for someone. Awesome repair on the jacket too.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

It looks like your overdying did the job of making it all look the same.

Wow, the LC is huge. That pattern is so timeless and doesn't look dated.

I wonder if you could just create darts that would like like you had seamed several pieces together to make the border.

Pauline Michaud said...

My goodness you were busy this weekend. I love how your quilt turned out, and love how you fixed the lining in your jean jacket. What a nice job that turned out to be. One option to deal with some of the fullness in the border is to steam it, and let it dry. I've done this a few times on quilts with more fullness than that and it helped. You could also spray it with starch, steam and let dry. It's amazing how much that can shrink some of the fullness, and then I ease out the fullness as evenly as I can as I baste the edges of the quilt.

swooze said...

It’s a beauty! I think redoing that border will reduce the headaches!