Thursday, July 15, 2021

Quilt tops, cross stitch, and mowing

I got the long, black insert pieces sewn together and cut last night then hung up the interfaced sleeves to get an idea of how the border is going to look. I think I have gone as far as I can for now on this top until I can cut up my yellow shirt.
So in the meantime, I will go ahead and finish the odds and end top. I dug thru my vintage fabric bins and came up with 4 options for the filler/joining pieces I need. I am leaning toward number 2. It is a slightly heavier piece of fabric that has a narrow hem. I am thinking it was used as a tablecloth in it's past life.
I watched the last hour of yesterday's TDF stage, sewed a little, then headed out to mow. I got the front mowed and the one side. I was interrupted during mowing with texts from one brother, a phone call from another, and talking to the neighbor. I need to trim badly so maybe I can tackle that tonight. Here you can see how tall the grass was at the side. I hadn't mowed the side in two weeks so it was long!  It wasn't quite that bad in the front. It was very warm and humid even at 7 -8 p.m.
I made some progress on the deer cushion top over the last couple of days. Here is where I was on Monday and where I am now.
I am taking vacation tomorrow. The band has two shows this weekend. Friday's show is local and Saturday's show is 55 miles away which isn't too bad. Have a great weekend!


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Kathy S. said...

Yes, with all this rain the grass is growing crazy. Your cross stitch is looking fantastic. Enjoy your fun with the band. I know how much you love doing that. It should be a great weekend for it.

Vicki W said...

I like your #2 option for sashing too. Hope you are having a great weekend!