Friday, July 23, 2021

Lorain, new scissors, a mask, and tote bags.

Wedneday was a busy day. I was up early and made three kinds of cookies for the band - chocolate shortbread, toasted pecan shortbread, and oatmeal rasin. I bagged the cookies in individual bags for each person and the oatmeat rasin bags went into a box for Thurday. The show Wednesday was in Lorain, Ohio and after the show the band hit the road for a show in Oshkosh, Wis. There wasn't enough room in the van for me to go to Oshkosh so at least I sent along cookies for the next day. Here is what was left of the cookies after I had them all packed. I was in such a time crunch I didn't have time to take pictures!
Here is my view from the merch booth.
I also managed to finish up a new stand for the used autographed drum heads we sell at the booth. What we were using before to display the drum heads was not working. I had a wood napkin holder that I cut down, added a bigger base and the extension to make it taller. I forgot to get a picture of it in action, but it worked great!  I try to remember to get a picture at the next show. 
The band opened for Lita Ford.
I got to bed around 12:30, but when I got up I was still really tired. It took me awhile to get moving. I wanted to try out my new scissors that came in the mail on Wednesday. Yes, another pair of Dovo. These were less expensive than the embroidery scissors!
I thought I would give them a tryout cutting the duyvatine to make the drum riser mask my brother needs. The mask will used so you can't see under the platform the drums will set on.  I need to cut this material lengthwise in half; it is about 55" wide. The scissors worked beautifully!
The mask is done except it needs a good press. It is 20" tall and 26 1/2 feet long. I am going to make a bag for it once I get it folded so I know what size bag I need to make. FYI - duyvatine is a fire rated fabric. It had a slight nap on one side. At many indoor shows the Fire Marshall will check to make sure all fabrics used in the stage area are fire rated.
I also managed to get the last 8 tote bags that I had cut out finished. That will make a total of 64 I have made so far.
We went thru a lot of them Wednesday at the show, so I dug around and found some polyester twill that was given to me years ago. I will never use it for anything and although it is not the most ideal fabric to make bags out of, it will work. After all I am just giving them away so nobody should complain. I figure I should be able to get another 20 - 30 bags. Here is what the deer pillow looks like last time I showed it and how it looks now. I was busy at the merch booth so I didn't get a lot done. I started on the interior part at home and work since I need the chart. The border design is good to do at the booth since I don't need the chart to stitch that.


Cherie in St Louis said...

It's a pleasure to use great working tools, isn't it? Congrats on your good buy on the scissors. Hey, I have some older, thicker cotton fabric....any chance you want it for more bags?

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You are right, no one can complain about the fabric in a free bag. It's good to weed out some fabric you will never need for anything.

Vicki W said...

It makes my recycling heart so happy to see that you have such a great use for these fabrics!

Robbie said...

And she's off again! Busy lady!!! Enjoy the weekend and hope you get some rest!