Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Apron done and new scissors

I needed to make a money apron for my SIL like the one I made myself a month ago to wear at the merch booth. Done!
I received my new embroidery scissors in the mail yesterday. I have been wanting a good pair and I bought these on the recommendation of Brenda of Brenda and the Serial Starter who has a floss tube channel. They are very nice except for the really cheap cover. So I got out my lamb leather scraps and made myself a nicer cover. The brand is Dovo, German made, and they are going out of business. Brenda has bought many of this brand of scissors and thinks they are the best. I found a pair of Dovo dressmaking sheers at a great price so those will be coming this week too. Don't you just love a new pair of scissors?
While sewing the apron last night, I had potatoes cooking in the air fryer and laundry going too. I needed something for lunch today and the potatoes were starting to sprout so I needed to get them cooked. I just cleaned them, cut them up, drizzled on some olive oil, sprinkled on a little salt, used lots of paprika and roasted them until nice and brown.
I also got the handles pressed for more tote bags. I will be working on those tonight.
I will be on vacation Wednesday and Thursday so we will catch back up on Friday.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I got a little air fryer and wondered how to do roasted potatoes. How long did you cook them and what temperature?

Ann said...

I have a scissors case I need to repair. It's getting worse but I still haven't made time to do it. Congrats to you.