Monday, April 20, 2020

Sewing for me

I decided I was not making masks this weekend and do something of mine. I got the hourglass quilt pin basted and about 90% quilted. All that is left to quilt is a bit more of the funky gray hourglass border. I quilted the hourglass circles with a free motion spiral in yellow thread and then meander stitch the surrounding block in gray thread that matched. It is hard to photograph the back of the quilt, but it is kind of cool with the yellow spirals.
I transplanted my squash seeds that sprouted. I decided to put them in food containers that I had saved. Once they get too big for those either they will be transplanted into individual containers or maybe they will end up in the garden. None of the yellow squash sprouted so I just took what seeds I had left and put them in a tray in dirt. It they grow, they grow.

I made homemade pizza yesterday. Let's just say it was very tasty and it will give me enough for several meals.

Today I have been going thru my stash looking for fabrics to make more masks. The fabric I ordered April 10 has not shipped yet and I have to keep making masks. The company I work for is going to reimburse me for the fabric I use. I have been cutting fabric all day and sorting and straightening out the fabric in my stash. I have found a lot of scraps when going thru the piles on my shelves and have tossed those scraps into an empty bin I had. I will post pictures of the shelves and get a number on the amount of fabric I have gone thru so far.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

It's good to take a break from mask making. I am trying to keep it down to 5 days a week. Your pizza looks delicious!

Vicki W said...

The hourglass quilt is so cool! I'm glad you took a break. Factory work gets tiring!

Kaja said...

Can't beat homemade pizza!