Saturday, April 4, 2020

Change of plans

After doing the work I needed to get done for my job, I decided to make some improv hourglass blocks out of the various gray colors I used in the AHIQ. My big plan for the day was to sew together the top and add to it in order to make it at least a decent sized baby quilt.

Then I got a request for more masks for the fellow employees that are working in the job trailer. So I switched gears and started working on those. My sister wanted to make some too so as I sewed one together I took pictures and texted them to her. That along with texts from several people and phone calls slowed me down. I was trying to get the masks done so someone from the trailer could come over to get them yesterday, but the project did not get completed until 4:30. The intern will come Monday to get the seven masks I made.

Then my brother that lives in California asked me to make a mask for him and his wife. In CA you have to wear a mask when going outside which was required before the edict that came out yesterday suggesting everyone should be wearing a mask. I got those made and they are sitting on the mailbox waiting for the mailman to pick it up.

I have three more to make for another brother that lives about 8 miles from me. Those will be on my agenda this morning.

Meanwhile I will have some entertainment today as I am sewing. Last fall my next door neighbor had to have a water line replaced. The dirt has settled all winter and he is now going to get the front yard cleaned up. He had some top soil delivered yesterday and his Dad is coming over with, I think, a Bobcat to help level out the yard.

They are also going to tear down this decorative brick wall that blocks him from access to his backyard. The pine tree is planted on my property so you can see how tight this area is. I don't care that he walks in my yard around the tree. Good grief life it too short for that kind of crap! The brick wall ends right at the property line. It is actually kind of an ugly feature that was a good idea at the time - 1960!

I will enjoy looking at my daffodils as I sew today and watching the transformation next door.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

It seems like everyone in the US should have 2 masks apiece with the number I have seen being made just by the bloggers I read. I'm continuing to make them until my elastic runs out.

Vicki W said...

I've cut out one more batch of masks and after that I hope I'll be done. But I know that if someone asks that I'll do more!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I think that little wall would have been gone a long time ago if it were mine. Terry's family in Belgian. They have green thumbs. My MIL wants to call the PO PO if anyone steps on her grass. She even yells at the kids that wait for the bus at the end of her driveway. I would never want her neighborhood reputation AND thankful that Terry is not like that. I was looking at a modern quilt pattern the other day that called for hour glass blocks. I hesitate getting it due to having to match points. Yours look good wonky. Maybe I'll take another look at that pattern.

xx, Carol

barbara woods said...

very pretty