Monday, April 6, 2020

Got stuff done!

I had a busy day yesterday. I was determined to get some stuff done that had been nagging at me in my head, but just never got around to taking care of them. First, I got the Harley quilt top sewn together. It is 89" x 95"

Next I worked on fixing a nice insulated tote bag. It started coming apart at the top where the side panels met the front and back panels. While I was at it I decided to go ahead and reinforce the stitching all the way around where the side and front and back panels. I also reinforced the handles. This has only been sitting around for months waiting to be fixed. Now it is good as new!

It was now time to fix my AC/DC hoodie. The cuffs have needed replaced for at least a year! That is gray paint I accidently got on it when I was painting my brother's basement floor.
I replaced the cuffs with a pair that my friend had from cutting up t-shirts for a quilt.
I also found a hole near one of the pockets and there was some paint there too.
I had some patches that needed to be sewn on to add to the patches already on this hoodie. I found one that worked perfect to cover the hole and paint, then I sewed the other four on the back. The hoodie is all ready for wearing again!
I had been thinking every day for weeks that I need to get my squash seeds started and then forget to do it. Well, yesterday I got the seeds laid out on wet paper towels in plastic bags. Let's see how long it takes for them to sprout!
The last nagging job was to sew this little bell charm on my AC/DC wall hanging.
I took off the loop and stitched it on. Another job done!
My sister sent me a picture of her husband, my BIL, wearing the mask he made. I don't know that the man ever sat down at a sewing machine before! He printed the pattern off the internet and look how great it turned out! Even his stripes match up pretty good especially hard to do with that curve!


Vicki W said...

Ahhh, gotta love a checked off list! I really like the x effect on the Harley quilt.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Great job on the hoodie! I have several of Frank’s T-shirts that. need a repair job! Might as well get that done now.

barbara woods said...

We are all sewing mask and I hate to wear one , so I am just wearing one we have to go somewhere

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Wow you got a lot done! It's great to check those little niggly tasks off the list.
xx, Carol

Kaja said...

Ooh, squash seeds. Last year I was ahead of you; this year not so much but I'm going to do them tomorrow.