Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Heeding the call

I needed to make more masks for my fellow employees who are out at job sites. I got 6 more made for the civil job. The intern picked then up yesterday - a total of 13 so far for them.

I then cut out the parts for 15 more and got most of the ties pressed and the mask part sewn together and pressed. This is what I will be working on today.

It was an overcast, but warm day yesterday and I decided to go out last evening get some fresh air and clean out one of the flower beds. I also wanted to throw down some fertilizer/weed killer before the rain came in.

While I was cleaning the bed, I waited on hold for the credit card company. My cc number got hijacked yesterday and someone was doing some shopping! $28.79 Walmart.com, $194,27 Boost Mobile, and $998.76 Simple Mobile Phones. The CC fraud department denied the Boost and Simple transactions and they credited my account for the Walmart. A new card is on its way. I have my CC set up that I get a text message for any transactions over $1.00 and that is how I found the issue so quick. Here is the cleaned up bed. I see that I need to transplant some of my Shasta Daisies to fill in the bare spots. The sooner I do that the better since we are going to get rain this week. That way Mother Nature can water the transplants.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

It's been warm here the last couple days so I have done a little cleanup...lots to do yet. I wonder if our 77 degree weather will get to you tomorrow.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

You are lucky to have found it so quickly!, every once in a while that happens to one of our cards. One time someone bought a fur coat in NYC with my credit card. Visa called me and asked it I was in New York City. They said it was because they couldn’t match it with any travel tickets!