Tuesday, February 25, 2020

A bit more quilting

I had an appointment after work last evening so I didn't have much time to quilt. I did get started on the Mickey Mouse shirt. Here it is under the machine where I had to stop. I have about 1/3 of it quilted.
Here is what it looks like from farther away. The Mickey t-shirt is right in the middle so it is slower going to quilt as I can only quilt a little bit before I have to stop to move my hands and make sure the layers are nice and smooth.
Parking at work has become a big problem. I now have to park under the bridge in a lane that we have sectioned off.

I then have to walk to the trailer in the street if no cars are coming or step over and walk in the mud. It is not as far as it looks like in this picture. The arrow is pointing to the trailer.
Where we used to park is now full of sand and equipment for building up an embankment for the bridge that will be going in. The bridge in the background is where my car is parked.

I vacuumed some of the floors in the trailer this morning; I just can't stand all the dirt! With the trailer also being a place where materials are stored, the field guys are in here all the time with their muddy boots. It gets to be a real big mess in here! This is before I vacuumed.

I saw on the news yesterday that Swagger had to be put down. Swagger was the mascot for the Cleveland Browns. In January of 2018, I met my son at the Verizon store. He was going to talk to them about giving me a better plan at a better cost. When we walked in there was a dog laying on the floor with several people sitting with him giving him lots of love. The dog got up and greeted my son. The dog was Swagger! Swagger had a hand tooled leather collar on with his name and was just the sweetest dog. Here is my son with Swagger; he wasn't feeling good, but meeting Swagger made his day!


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

The blocks in the center are always the hardest to quilt. I remember my days of free motion quilting large quilts on a domestic machine. My shoulders just can't handle that any more and that is why I got the longarm.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

The progress on the quilt is moving a long nicely. That trailer floor is how I feel about our back hall leading into the laundry room from the back yard. It's where we put the dogs when they come in with muddy feet. Even though there is a runner the length of the hall, and no matter how often I vacuum, there is always sand out there. Swagger was a great looking dog. Even though I love my littles, the big dog is the best.
xx, Carol