Monday, October 7, 2019

What a weekend!

I will first start out with the sewing that got done before I talk about what else I did the past three days. I made these two pillow cases in record time for a birthday party on Sunday. The one girl like penguins and the other unicorns so that explains the fabric choices.

I managed to squeeze in pressing the 16-patch blocks.

Friday I spent from 8:30 to 1:30 doing yard work. I trimmed until the battery ran out. Threw the battery in the charger then switched to mowing. The mower battery died so I threw it in it's charger and trimmed some more. Had to put the timmer battery back in the charger again and switched to weeding the front flower bed and hauling up 5 loads of mulch I had stored in the backyard.

After that I finished trimming, but still need to finish mowing. It was 1:30 and I was just too tired to do that so I went inside, got something to eat, and rested for a couple hours. I eventually went back outside and had the mowing done in a half hour. Can you say tired? LOL!!!
The yard looks so much better! I still have weeding to do, but I need some rain to soften up the ground.

Saturday I headed to my friend's house an hour away to help her with her yard sale. I spent my downtime quilting on the double wedding ring quilt. My best guess it that I am 20 to 25 percent done with the quilting.

We didn't have a lot of people at the sale, but we did sell some stuff. Here are the quilts laid out on tables, fabric for sale, and bagged vintage tops and blocks, and some tops hung up.

Here was one of the quilts for sale. Those are some tiny 9-patch blocks!

Then my friend found this top. Isn't that a fun color combination?

I did end up bring home these aqua fabrics
to go with the ones I already had for making more baby quilts.

On Saturday while I was at the yard sale my neighbor and his BIL cut up that tree that had been laying in my yard since spring.
GONE!! I now need to fill in the divots the tree made. It is going to be so much easier to mow the back now.

On Saturday I had been up since 5 a.m. and didn't get home until 6 p.m. so I was tired. I needed to get up early on Sunday because I had a birthday cake to make. The cake wasn't requested until the last minute so on the way home from the yard sale I had to stop and get a few things. I was up at 5 on Sunday and started baking. I made two 9 x 13 layers one at a time - I only had one pan. I made banana cake. While they baked I did dishes, made the pillow cases, and did laundry - four loads.
One load was fabric which is now needing ironed.
Once the cakes were cool it was on to the frosting and decorating. I put on a crumb coat so while the cake sat in the refrigerator while I made cards and wrapped the pillow cases. Finally the icing and decorations.

I went to the birthday party Sunday afternoon then headed home about 4:20. I ended up getting stuck on the interstate for 25 minutes; there must have been an accident so I didn't get home until 6. So that is how I spent my weekend.


Ann said...

Yes, the lone stars are fabulous. How did she ever manage to make so many of them for one quilt? But it makes a beautiful bed quilt.
Congrats on all your yardwork. I'm tired just reading about it.
The pillowcases are adorable. I should make some with my extra yardage. Thanks.

Pauline Michaud said...

Oh my goodness, you've been busy. What a lot of work you did in a matter of days. I had a similar weekend, centered around unpacking, organizing a new home, helping my mother-in-law adjust to our house, and working at the local quilt shop. I feel like I haven't stopped for 7-8 months. I never imagined how much work preparing a house for sale, selling it, packing and purging, moving and handling renovations at the new house would take. We hired painters to paint the entire interior (main floor and finished basement). It looks nice, but it meant we couldn't unpack and had to keep moving boxes and furniture in and out of rooms. We had shingles redone on the house, and are now waiting for new countertops. I'm really looking forward to being able to just sit and sew at some point. All my quilting stuff has been packed since May/June. Hopefully,, I'll be able to get that unpacked in the next month. This year has gone by really quickly! I love seeing all the pictures... it encourages me to keep going!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

What a weekend you had! With that variety you could never be bored, but then you didn't have time to get bored!