Monday, October 28, 2019

Sewing, yardwork, and the garage

I managed to get half of the flannel quilt sewn together. It is hanging longways on the design wall.

I made 14 more of these 4 patch blocks,
but that is not nearly enough. After laying out the rest of the 6 1/2" blocks and what 4-patch blocks I have, I now can see how many more 4-patch ones I need.

Friday night I tackled trimming Bubba. Bubba is the huge mugo pine that sits next to my front door. The area is a mess! I had dropped some of big rocks for edging last year and I needed to finish edging.
I worked for 3+ hours trimming Bubba and hauled 6 wheelbarrow loads of debris to the woods. Saturday I was able to get 2 more hours in on trimming which included crawling under and into the middle of the plant to get the dead wood cut out. My hair got caught in the branches more than one time and my hair was sticky with pine sap and I had pine needles stuck in my hair! LOL!!! Sunday I worked another two hours on cleaning up the weeds at the edge of the bed, hauling more rocks from different areas of the yard, and getting the rocks placed. Here is what it looks like now.

I still need to pull a few more weeds, rake out the dirt I dumped in there from the driveway, and spread some sweet peat then it will be done. I will have to wait until spring to see if the roadside daylilies come back up before I plant anything else.

I also got 4 hours of cleaning done in the garage after it started raining too hard for me to work in the yard. I made some good progress. Once I get a load taken to the Goodwill and get a pile of tile moved to the curb, I think it will look like I did make some progress. Heck, just getting all the tools hung up was a big help! I did find 6 box knives! The four gray ones went into the Goodwill box as I clearly don't need 6! LOL!!
Then I found 5 tape measures in the garage and one in the living room. How is it I can never find one when I need one?


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

That pine looks like a real challenge to trim back and probably is an every year job. It sure looks a lot better with the rock edging and the trim.

Duplicates, we all have them. If I could just find that magic place to put things I could have only one of everything, but that means I would actually have to put it away in that magic place every time I was done with it.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a Habitat for Humanity store in your area? They are a good choice for all those things we have extras of in the garage. Gives them some money to help build housing for low-income people, and “keeps things moving”, rather than into the dump, too. So many choices for where we take our goods, all are good. You have done a lot of work, congrats! Jill in Phoenix/Calgary