Friday, October 11, 2019

I am glad it is Friday

I had a movie that I borrowed from the library that I had to watch because it needs returned today. While I watched the movie I worked on the DWR quilt. I got 6 more pink melons quilted.

The movie was Yesterday. I was not impressed at all. It was painfully slow and somewhat predictable. I did see a really good movie on one of the movie channels the other evening. It was called In America. It was about a struggling Irish family that had immigrated to NYC in the 1980s. I missed the first 15 to 20 minutes of the movie, but the plot was easy to pick up. The end of the movie was a tear jerker. I hope it is shown again because I would like to see the beginning. The littlest girl in the movie was just the most beautiful little girl and she did her job very well.

Yesterday at the hospital there was a big discussion about how to fit a scrub sink in a space that was too small for one of the operating rooms. After an hour of measuring, measuring again, brainstorming, and measuring again a solution was decided upon.

I am mulling over in my head what I might do this weekend. Let's see on Monday what I ended up doing. Have a great weekend!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Terry and I started watching Goliath. It just started it's 4th season so I thought if it has been on that long it might be good. We watched 3 episodes and both agreed that it was mediocre and didn't command our attention so we'll look for something else. Terry needs to be entertained by TV more than I do.

hope you find something interesting to do this weekend. The week flew by didn't it!
xx, Carol

Vicki W said...

I hope you take more rest time and I expect a few baby quilt tops done!

barbara woods said...

Get some rest!

Kaja said...

You are making good progress on the melons - how many to go now?

Ann said...

I've yet to make a DWR quilt and yours reminds me I want to get started.