Thursday, September 30, 2021

Down the rabbit hole

I spent a lot of time last evening thinking. Thinking about how I should cut up the pieces I had left to get the most out of them for borders at the top and bottom of the t-shirt quilt. I finally got brave and just started cutting. I plan on dividing this piece in half once it is sewn together so the curve of the sleeves not be as noticiable; not that I mind looking at the pieces and know they were the sleeves. Here is where I am so far.
The rabbit hole I have gone down is getting back into cross stitch. I could stitch for hours! I dug around my small bin of fabric (shoe box sized) and the few charts I have to figure out what I could stitch next so I could try out the Leo & Roxy floss. Cherie, who is a blog reader, sent me flannel and was the receipent of several of my vinyl project pouches, sent me a cute chart that had some black in it. I found a piece of 28 count natural linen (one of my favorite fabrics to stitch on) and went to town! I decided to make the birds black instead of the called for caper. I stitched enough of the bottom area to be able to start the black. The floss did stitch nice and smooth. I am looking forward to stitching more with it.
This project fits nicely in one of my bags.
I have been keeping up with my wrecking journal everyday. Here are yesterday and today's pages. On today's page I pressed so hard my pencil broke. I am sure that would have gotten approval.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

It will just look like curved improv piecing when you cut it down the middle. Good idea.

Vicki W said...

Your cross stitch rabbit hole is looking a lot like my crochet rabbit hole!

swooze said...

Great chart!

Robbie said...

Love your enthusiasm for all your projects!!!!