Thursday, September 23, 2021

I did not fall off the face of the earth - LOL!!

I took a day of vacation yesterday because my sister and her husband were flying in and stopping for a visit with me on their way to their next destination. I spent the day making homemade pizza and pan banging chocolate chip cookies as well as cleaning house. I made two pizzas to make sure there was enough. I only got a picture of the second pizza after we demolished the first one and part of the second. It was really good. My house still smells like pizza this morning.
I made a single batch of cookies. I made up a container of them that they could take with them. They were tasty! My sister had seen the ones I had made for the band on my blog and was hoping I would make them for her. She was happy! This container of two is for a guy at work that takes my personal packages to the post office and mails them for me.  That makes life so much easier to give him the money and get stuff mail so I don't have to take the time to do it.  He goes to the post office everyday anyway to pick up the company's mail.
My sister and BIL brought me a birthday present! My birthday is not until November and I already have received two presents! That is two presents more than I usually get so I feel pretty special! They brought me this very cool ceramic sugar skull from their trip to Coszuml. I love it!
Then a journal which is really funny and I will share with you my journey as I wreck this journal.
And a pack of hand sanitizer and wipes. Her daughter is an emergency room/ICU nurse and brings these to my sister and her Dad all the time. I will keep this in the car; it will come in handy!
I handed off to my sister her needlebooks I had made, a pillowcase she wanted, and her son's keyboard bag.  We had a wonderful visit.  I hadn't seen them since Thanksgiving last year.


Cherie in St Louis said...

That skull is is so colorful, Mexico could sure do a lot more with marketing their colorful heritage if they could stabilize their country's drug and corruption problems. How nice to have an in person visit after almost a year.

Vicki W said...

The skull is so cool. My best friend would go crazy for it!