Friday, October 2, 2020

Halloween quilts

I have been seeing many Halloween quilts on blogs that are either in progress or completed. I have made two large Halloween quilts, but they were given away. This first quilt I made in 2013 and gave it to my brother for his birthday.  He was born on Halloween. It was pieced improv style.
This next quilt was made in 2014. It was matchstick free motion quilted block by block. I submitted it for Quiltcon but it was not accepted. It was fabulous if I do say so myself. I gave this to my wonderful neighbors who alway help me out with stuff. The woman loves Halloween so she was thrilled to receive it.
I made this baby quilt out of leftover blocks, pieces, and parts. It hasn't found a home yet.
I am the mood to make a Halloween quilt for me although I really don't have time right now. uI did dig out my stash of Halloween fabrics. Such a nice pile!
There were six leftover blocks in the pile.
There was also three of these panels.
I did get a bit more of the sampler stitched.
Thank goodness it is Friday. My plan is to finish that baby quilt and get going on the disappearing nine patch quilt. Have a great weekend!


barbara woods said...

Hope you have a good one

swooze said...

That panel is awesome! I hope you make yourself a Quilt.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Maybe just having the Halloween fabrics out will spark and idea for your Halloween quilt.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Halloween is my very favorite holiday. I have quite a collection of Halloween fabric saved for my retirement. My stitching mojo is coming back and I have vowed that 2021 will be the year I stitch Halloween.
xx, Carol

Cherie in St Louis said...

Oh my goodness! Your two Halloween quilts are fabulous! I really, really love the first one...lucky brother 😉

Ann said...

How kind of you to make two Halloween quilts for others. Yes, it is time to make one for you. After all, you will need it every year. I am curious how you will mix your extra blocks and panels so I will be reading regularly.