Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Backings and zucchini

I dug around last evening looking for backings for this newest batch of baby quilts. I found these three that will work.

I picked two good sized zucchini last night. I gave one to my neighbor and decided to make zucchini chips out of the other. The recipe I used was in a book I had - no, Kathy, I didn't use the one you recommended, big mistake on my part!. I had pressed the slices to try and get some of the water out of them and then put them in the oven for two hours at 225 degrees. All I got was soft zucchini pieces. I left them in the oven for another hour - no change. I set the oven on a lower temp for three more hours and went to bed. I happen to wake up just when the three hours was up so I checked on the zucchini. Still just soft. This morning when I got up I cranked the oven to 375 and they baked for another 50 minutes. Some of them finally got crispy and frankly, a little burnt, but a lot of the pieces were still just soft. I had rubbed them with a little olive oil and sprinkled paprika and garlic powder on them. The paprika is what burned. I am still going to eat them, but definitely will have to try a different method and on a weekend when I have more time. Trying to do this in an evening doesn't work.


swooze said...

I’m interested to see what’re pie you get to work. I love the idea of a veggie chip.

Are your baby quilts for a specific person or project?

Ann said...

I used to make a sweet zucchini pie but I've seen some recipes for zucchini chips. Glad to know it's not that easy.