Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Update on the Harley quilt progress

I have quilted as much as I could over the last couple of days on the Harley quilt. Just quilting all those black shirts gets a bit boring so it is hard to stay focused! I now have 76% of it quilted.

Every day I try to spend some time in the garage and straightening it up. I still have stuff that I tossed in the garage that was in the laundry/room. I had moved it so I could do all that work in there. Then there is paperwork that need shredded, leftover bits of wood, and on and on. I have started a pile of boxes for stuff that is going to the Goodwill. I need to make the time to haul that over to them this week. I decided I needed a shelf for my battery chargers for my mower and string trimmer. I had some scraps of3/4" birch plywood and after two hours I had put together a shelf. I had set up a table in the garage and ended up using the miter saw, drill, brad nailer, and multimaster to put the shelf together.

I went thru all my other bits of leftover wood pieces and tossed stuff I had no use for. I painted the shelf and then got it installed. I added a hook for the mailbox key and screwed on the paper tower holder. The paper towel holder was in the spot the shelf now hangs. My speaker unit for my iPod sits nicely on the top and now when I am working in the yard or garage I have a place to put my phone.

I made bread yesterday and it rose really fast with as hot as it was yesterday. It overproofed, but it baked ok and tastes good. Glenda, it tastes like the bread we had in Austin! Today I have the air on; the humidity and heat is just too much for me.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I'm thinking about turning on the air too. Vacuuming the living room and window a/c units first. Your bread looks good.

barbara woods said...

great looking bread, haven't tried that yet

Ann said...

Wow. A lot of different projects: quilting, carpentry, baking. A good way to enjoy this time.

Kathy S. said...

I baked bread that super hot day as well. It did the same thing. I didn't know why. Love your shelf! Way to go on the Harley quilt. Yes, quilting all that black space could be tedious, but it will be gorgeous!