Monday, February 26, 2024

A fun weekend

I took Friday off to get some things done for my company that was coming, but the day was a struggle. I was not feeling great and my legs were hurting. I couldn't find the right combo of OTC pain killers.  My kinesiology appointment is Thursday!  I did manage to run a few errands including using the small gift card someone gave me for some sewing I did for them. I don't hear great things about JoAnn's solvency, so I thought I better use it before I lose it. I bought a picture frame (on sale), a piece of black foam core, and a piece of mat board. I needed a bigger frame for my Springsteen memorabilia.
I finished up the cross stitch for jar lids. These were for gifts and I put M&Ms in the jars. Since I mounted the fabric on mat board it was a little to get the lids screwed on, but I managed.
Saturday morning my company showed up. We had connected thru this blog and last summer she had come to one of Michael's shows. We talked and talked and talked! I made salsa chicken for lunch. There was enough left over for me to take to work today.
Later on we made a batch of the taco seasoning that I use in the salsa chicken so I could send some home with her, filled a jar for my son because he was using the seasoning I gave him at Xmas and said it was so much better than what he got at the store, and I needed to refill my jar.
I was telling my friend about the first construction job I was on here and we decided to go on a road trip to visit the building which was the main library. I gave a personal tour and told her stories about the construction. I forgot to take my phone so here are a couple pictures from the website. I was impressed after 20 years that I didn't see any damage to all the ash paneling. They have taken good care of the building.
While we were downtown, we walked across the street to see the art museum. We didn't want to pay to go into the galleries, but there was plenty to see in the various lobby areas.
Sunday, I made us a nice breakfast and we got to work cutting out tote bags for the merch booth. I pressed the fabric and C cut. This fabric was stuff that was given to me by several people, and we were putting it to good use. After several hours of work there were 10 larger bags and handles for autograph drumheads we sell, and 49 regular 15" wide bags and handles. Having help cutting all of these was priceless!
Shel also helped me glue the frame back together on this piece. Two of the corners that are cattycorner from each other came apart. We got them glued and strapped. After I take the strapping off, I will get out my brad nailer and nail the corners. I had only glued them when I first put this frame together. C then took me to lunch at Mexican restaurant that is not too far from my house, and we had a wonderful lunch.
I had made a welcome basket for C and it included three chocolate bars that were made in the NE Ohio area, one of those scissor pouches, a couple of the pouches that were extra from the ones I made for the women at work for Xmas, a boxy pouch, along with the jar with the cross-stitch top with a C on it. She brought me a little something too! Three Harley t-shirts and one is not black which will go into this year's quilt
A couple pieces of fabric for totes
and a bunch of fabulous cross stitch charts!  I can't wait to start working on these!
We had a wonderful time and plan on hooking up again. I will go to Pennsylvania to visit her next and she and her husband want to come to another show of Michael's.  he hasn't published his 2024 schedule yet, but we are hoping there will be at least one show in PA. 


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

It sounds like a great weekend. There are some great cross stitch charts there.

Cherie Moore said...

It was such a great visit and the salsa chicken was so delicious! Thank you again for the wonderful basket of goodies and the spontaneous visit to downtown Akron. Good luck with your appointment on Thursday….heres hoping they are able to figure out what is needed to get you some relief.

Vicki W said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend!