Friday, December 8, 2023

Boxy pouches and Christmas lunch

After work I got 15 boxy pouches done. I had three more almost done, but I went to bed and finished them this morning. Here are the 15
These two did not get done
Here is the first one I completed and three that I had sitting around so they will go in the bag. So the woman I work with has 21 to pick from. She asked if she could sell the other ones to anyone else in the office that might want one and of course I said yes please!
I will drop off these 14 project bags with the boxy pouches and she can sell those too.
I didn't have time to make sure the waste hit the trash bucket so here is what is waiting for me to clean up. I just keeping it real!
We had the women's Christmas lunch yesterday. I had sushi, edamame, and chocolate mousse cake. Everyone like their pouches and the gifts inside. I received lots and lots of thank yous. We did play a couple games and I won the first one. Here is my prize
I also got a Yeti tumbler handed to me that was from the Operations Department.
Well, it is Friday and I have a full weekend planned, but first I have to get thru today. I am busy at work and this afternoon I have to go to mandatory first aid training - geeze! Really? I do have some sewing projects for gifts I want to get done, I need to address Christmas cards, and I have to get the dishes caught up. I probably will have to hit the grocery store and who know what else I will be getting into. The weather forecast said we could get a nasty storm so it will be a good weekend to stay inside and get something done. Have a great weekend!


Cherie Moore said...

Nice Yeti cup.....meh on the 12 days of wellness ;-) Sounds like you had a lovely lunch and of course your gifts were well received, they are awesome!!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I hope she sells all of your items for you. I'm glad your gifts were well received. That makes it all worth the work to make them.

Vicki W said...

I knew your gifts would be a big hit! Nice of the lady to offer to sell your bags for you! I hope they sell out!

Ann said...

Sounds like a successful party. How nice to get your boxy pouches sold for you. Enjoy the cold weekend. We are ready to hunker down.