Friday, September 8, 2023

Flannel quilt progress, more zucchini, and a place to put a plant

I now have 58 of the 143 9-patch blocks quilted. That means I am 40% done. I will try and get some time in on the quilting this weekend. I have to head over to the home office on the 20th, so I would like to have this quilt done so I can hand it off to the lady that commissioned me to make it for her husband for Xmas.
I save a beautiful Monark butterfly in the garden last evening. I didn't get a very good picture; it wasn't into posing for me!
I have more zucchini coming on my one happy plant.
I wanted a plant stand for work so I could take a peace lily that I had at my other cubical. As I drove thru my neighborhood the last few weeks I kept asking for someone to gift me with a plant stand. Well, this isn't exactly a plant stand, but it works! I think it was for DVDs. It needed cleaned and the laminate glued back on in several places so I worked on it yesterday and got it fixed up. I hope the plant is happy.
My plans for the weekend are to stay home and get some stuff done. I have been gone a lot over the weekends with the band, but there is only one more show and I will not be going to it. Michael is doing a stripped down version and it is 3 1/2 - 4 hours away in the Detroit area. I hope to get some cleaning up done in the garage since the weather is forecasted to be cooler; I don't know how it gets to be such a mess! I probably watch some college football as I quilt and I want to get the kitchen floor washed. Have a great weekend!


swooze said...

It works! Glad you’re getting your weekends back

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I know you will make good use of your free time now that the shows are over. I agree, how does the garage turn into such a mess in a short time.
That looks like a good plant stand to me.
Your coneflowers are still such a dark pink, mine are all faded to pale pink. Mine are the tall native variety and I think maybe yours are a shorter variety.

Anonymous said...

Yes! It works as a plant stand and has a little flare to it with the curved pieces :) the zucchini are are looking good….hope the peppers are doing well too. Cherie (having difficulty signing into google so I’ve been anonymous :(