Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Making progress!

Here is my progress on the small. I worked on it a bit last night after I came in from working outside, a bit this morning before I left to go get blood drawn, and a bit done while I waited 50 minutes for my turn. I know I can will have this done for Saturday. Sorry, it is a bit wrinkled!
When I got home from work I decided to work on the front bed and cut down the ornamental grass.
I put the hedge clipper attachment on that battery powered hand held device my friend gave me for my birthday.
That little thing cut the grass down like a hot knife thru butter! It only took me 15 - 20 minutes to cut the plants down, but it took an hour to clean up the mess. Four trips with the wheelbarrow and it is not looking too bad. At least the worst of the mess is cleaned up. I think tonight I will work on raking the gravel out of the grass and shoveling up the pile by the curb left from the one time the city actually needed to plow this winter. The pushed the snow here along with the gravel.
Geeze I was tired after that! It was overcast and a bit cooler - only 52 - but this is still fabulous weather for NE Ohio in February so I am not complaining! Before I sat down to stitch, I opened the box of fabric that had arrived. I wanted some of the Robert Kauffman Wishwell Weather Report fabric like Wanda was using in her monkey wrench quilt. I am late to the party buying this fabric. Wanda gave me a couple leads on where I might be able to get some. This bunch I got from 5 bucks a I bought all they had of the colors they still had except the Sea Glass light green color. They still have 5 yards of that. I paid $6.99 a yard.
So that I would get free shipping I bought a few yards of three other Rober Kauffman fabrics that were reduced to $5.40.
I am still looking around to try and find a few more pieces of the Wishwell Weather. On Etsy one person was charging $10.41 at half yard! Forget that! I found another place that has some at full price, $11.95.


Vicki W said...

That Kaufman fabric is really cool. I've been tempted to look for some but I just bought the new Paula Nadelstern fabric so I better give the credit card a reas!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You have a good selection of colors of the Weather Report fabric. The 5 Bucks a Yard site has some good deals on fabric. I got a few extra fabrics too when I ordered.

Kaja said...

Such pretty fabric!