Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Furiously stitching

First, did I ever have the wrong Monday for President's Day! LOL!! I did get my sister's Valentine present ready and it is going in the mail today. I received an email from a friend and she is coming over Saturday for the day. I am not sure what all we are going to do, but it will be fun to hang out. Last time she was over I gave her a cross stitch small Vintage buttons. She had some vintage buttons and I gave her the stuff she needed to finish it herself. She wanted one for her sister so I told her I would stitch one for her and she can help her with adding the buttons and finishing it. I messed up the first one. I will finish this one myself since the small border on the lower edge doesn't bother me.
So now I am stitching like a crazy person trying to get one done so I can give it to her on Saturday. I only had about 2" of the border done when I started on it yesterday. So the border is done and I got a good start on the letters. I can get a half hour of stitching in before work starts, and I can get another 15 - 20 minutes at lunchtime after my walk. I will stitch any chance I get over the next few days even if it is for just a few minutes here and there. It all can add up!
I think I will have enough floss. I had another floss bobbin of 936, but the color is a bit off. What I am using came from that lot of floss that came with the Magnum box I bought last year so who knows how old that floss is! This is what I have left.
It was 52 when I got home from work so I decided to get an hour of work outside. I needed to cut back this zebra grass.
It only took about a half hour to cut it down and clean up the mess.
Next I went after the center bed. Besides the leaves there were clumps of some weeds coming up all over the place.
I got out my handy dandy new hoe and went at it! What I was surprised at is that I didn't find was any daylilies coming up in this area. I had cleaned them out last fall and I must have done a pretty good job.
I barely put a dent in the clean up for this bed, but as long as the weather is in the 50s, I will work an hour in the yard each night after work to get a head start. I was outside about an hour and a half because there was visiting with neighbors during the clean up.

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Vicki W said...

Chris came in yesterday with the mail and I said that I thought it was a mail holiday. Now I know where I got that thought! LOL!