Friday, February 24, 2023

Ready for the weekend!

I got a bit more quilted on the chevron baby quilt. Then center area is done so it is full steam ahead! I am going to get this done this weekend!
When I got home from work it was 66 degrees out! Time to get out in the yard a bit. I needed to use my new hoe and dig out some daylilies that I missed when I cleaned out this bed next to the house last week. I filled about a one third of a five gallon bucket.
Next, I pulled out the marigold stems in this bed. I will remove the rest of the leaves and pine needles in the cleanup when I go to plant once it is really spring. Here is the before and after.
Neither of those jobs took very long so there was another project I had been thinking about tackling. There is a place in the backyard at the tree line where I have been dumping my yard waste for 20 years. I have shoved at times the top of the pile down the hill, but the pile has just gotten too high. Also, I made a big mistake of mixing limbs with the grassy/weed stuff. The limbs prevent me from being able to shove the top of the pile. So, with my handy dandy new hoe I started on the backside of the pile to move the stuff farther down the hill. I pulled out tree limbs and rotted railroad ties as I went. Here is the pile before and after.  I had worked 45 minutes.
I have a rhythm going now so I think if I work on this in 30 - 45 minutes sessions over the next couple weeks, I could get the pile leveled out. Of course, it all depends on the weather too. Here is what the pile looks like on the upside of the hill. Where I started was at the left.
The deer, 6 doe, gave me dirty looks while I was back there working. This one kept coming toward me looking to see what I was doing in their space.  I was surprised how close she came to me. I told them all to go back to the park where they belong, but they ignored me. LOL! I did not zoom in on her. She was probably 20 feet away from me.
A year ago, I redid some of the plants in the office. I thought I would compare how they looked a year ago with how they look today. This first one was a piece that came off of one of the snake plants that are outside the west conference room. It has grown!
The plants outside the west conference room
The plant at Julie's desk. It is more spread out because it is searching for light. It also took me awhile to figure out it doesn't like too much water.
The building department snake plant. You can see how much taller it is by the distance from the thermostat on the wall.
I am havng company again tomorrow. My friend is coming up to sew for the day. She has a couple projects to work on and I will work on that cheveron quilt. She gets more done when she comes to sew than staying home. Have a great weekend!


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Those Daylilies are so hard to get completely cleaned out. I still have a few come up each year in a bed I cleaned out about 8 years ago.
You and your hoe are going to have a lot of fun this year. That pile looks pretty daunting. It will be good to have it all moved.
The office plants look so healthy. I bet everyone enjoys them.

Vicki W said...

That darned hoe is magical! Have a great weekend!