Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Fabric and latest cross stitch project

I have to quit looking at fabric, but when you find a good deal out comes the credit card! LOL!! I saw this fabric and I just had to buy some. I actually thought the background was white when I saw it online, but it is arrived it is a light gray. The fabric has a beautiful hand. I bought 3 yards and even with shipping it comes out to about $6.50 a yard which is a great deal.
I gave my friend on Saturday the Vintage buttons cross stitch piece for her SIL. She liked that I did it in olive greens. Now I am working on another small from this same group. I circled the one I am now working on and checked off the ones I have stitched.
Here is where I am right now. The color of the letters changed because I wasn't paying attention. That is what you call making it your own! LOL!
I noticed yesterday that I messed up the border. It won't take too long to rip those stitches out and re-stitch them. I need to pay more attention!
I made a batch of fudge last night. There were these containers left from some a brunch last week. They had little containers of coffee creamer in them. Well, they are the perfect size to put fudge in and give to someone which is what I did. I like this new recipe. You use brown sugar instead of white sugar. I really want to try it with vanilla or peanut butter chips. I did put pecan pieces in it.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I have never heard of making fudge with brown sugar. That would give it a little molasses touch I guess.

Ann said...

I can't see the color difference in the letters. Perhaps I need cataract surgery.
How kind of you to make fudge for friends. I wish I could still eat it.