Monday, February 13, 2023

Project bags, pin basting, tote bags, and my new hoe

I tried very hard this weekend to not waste any time and get some stuff done. First the project bags. They are done and I made a few more. I love making these.
Saturday morning, I had to make an emergency trip to the car shop. Friday as I was leaving work one of the headlights died. I cannot drive on dark country roads without both headlights, so I took some knitting and a cross stitch project to keep me busy while I waited for them to fit me in. It only took 45 minutes instead of the estimated 2 hours, so I did get a solid 45 minutes of knitting on that scarf; it is almost done. After stopping a couple places, I headed home. Next project was to get the chevron baby quilt pin basted. I had gotten the top sewn together Friday night. The baby is due March 9.
I had to take some time to clean up the studio. It was bad! Next, I finished a small I made for my sister for Valentine's Day. Ok Kathy don't look! Yes, I am running late, and the post office is closed today because of President's Day so I will get this and a couple of things for her in the mail sometime this week.
On Sunday it was so nice outside I had to go out and try my new hoe. I hadn't even taken it out of the box yet so with doing that I did a bit of cleaning up in the garage while I was at it. Here is my new hoe.
I have been dreading digging up the daylilies in this bed by the house. I circled where the daylilies are located. They are so hard to dig up and they have been in this location for 10-15 years.
I also had this stump that I have been unable to get out.
Well, my new hoe cut thru the daylily roots like butter, and I was able to dig around the stump, cut the roots and get it out! Who knew a hoe could make such a difference. I wish I had one of these 30 years ago!
I love my new hoe! Here is what the bed looks like now. It is too early to sow seeds (I saved lots of coneflower seeds from last year), I will just let this bed sit and see if any daylilies I might have missed show up.
The last project I worked on was tote bags. I needed to press and topstitch more handles. Once those were topstitched, I had time to sew four bags together.
I have six more bags ready to sew together, three bags I will have to cut some fabric for handles and then all of the regular sized bags from that 162 I cut out a couple months ago will be sewn together. I then will work on the bigger bags for drumheads. I think I have around 15 of those.
Saturday night there was a beautiful sunset.


dianne said...

Presidents Day is next Monday - just so you know

now THAT is an awesome how - i need one!!!

Vicki W said...

Oh my gosh, the new hoe was worth every penny! It looks serious. I love the cross stitches that you did around the edge of your sister's valentine. You had a great weekend!

Pauline Michaud said...

Wow, you sure get lots accomplished in a short period of time. That looks like a very nice hoe - looks really solid and sharp. Congratulations on your all you have accomplished on the weekend!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

That hoe will sure make your gardening easier. Beds that haven't been dug up for many years are usually tough to dig into. I hope you got all of the daylilies.

Robbie said...

so glad that hoe worked as well as it did! Can't believe you're out and about clearing and cleaning up areas! Good for you!