Monday, February 20, 2023

Tote bags, boxy pouch, pockets - the sewing machine got a workout!

What a weekend! First, I had to do some cleaning before my friend came over on Saturday. We worked on tote bags. I had a lot of bags already cut out, so she did the pressing and I did the sewing. She then cut some bags out of fabric that was given to me. We ended up getting 16 done. I kept at the bags on Saturday and Sunday and ended up with 31 finished. I am now caught up with my goal of 10 bags every Sunday.
There are some pieces and parts in different stages of construction so I will get back to those next Sunday. There are 20 bags in this pile.
I made pizza for our lunch.
Here is my bin of tote bags. There are eighty.
I went the grocery store early on Sunday and ended up buying some ceramic pots. They were such a great price! The two biggest ones (the one that is blue and brown and the one that has the irregular edge and is green) were $12.99 and the rest were $7.99. At a garden center or big box store those would have cost $30 - $35 for the big ones and $20 - $25 for the smaller ones.
I cut back the rubber tree at work and have been rooting the cuttings. Three of the cutting when into the biggest pot.
After I took a nap on Sunday, I needed to get another boxy pouch made for a lady I work with.
Last thing I did was to put the pockets on the flannel shirts. I was glad I had enough different colors of solid flannel in my stash that I could find what I needed to match the plaids. The lady asked for just one pocket, but I decided to put two on each shirt. More is better!
My sister received her Valentine Day gift. Besides the project bags and the cross stitch Valentine small, I enclosed a pair of tiny Cohana scissors. She collects scissors and I thought she would get a kick out of these. They do work too! Connecting Threads had some Cohana items on sale (they never are on sale!) so I got us both a pair of the scissors.
I bought myself this beautiful and heavy brass weight that looks like a button. I use it to hold my mechanical pencil and caulk pencil.
I also bought this spool. I think it is ceramic and it has a magnet in it for pins and needles. I am always looking for a place to put my favorite needles for hand sewing and my bigger finishing needle for cross stitch smalls so now I have a place to keep those.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You got some really pretty pots. I love them too and used to find a nice one now and then at Goodwill but they had them priced around $5-10 there too.

Vicki W said...

What a great weekend you had! It's fun to have someone to sew with and I lvoe all of your great finds.