Monday, January 30, 2023

What I got done

I always think I can get more done. This is what I accomplished this weekend. I started cutting fabric for boxy pouches and project bags on Friday night. Saturday I cut more and also cut out fabric for a baby quilt
On Saturday I took a road trip to a store that is called Fabric and Freight. A lady at work told me about it.
I looked around and didn't find anything I needed, but did buy two yards of a skull camo print and two yards of 60" wide flannel. The skull print was $3.99 a yard and the flannel was $5.99. It was good fabric too. They had a lot of lower quality fabric so you had to really look.
I walked across the street to a meat market that I had also heard about, bought a pork loin roast and headed home. My neighbor stopped over to pick up two pairs of pants I had fixed and we visited for about an hour. Then it was back to cutting fabric. Sunday I finally got the interfacing cut for the boxy pouches and project bags. All I have left to cut is the vinyl for the project bags. I ended up with 11 boxy pouches and six project bags. The weekend was speeding away!
I did laundry while I was cutting interfacing, then it dawned on me I have to make the weekly 10 tote bags! I was watching football, sewing the tote bags, and did dishes during halftime and part of the third quarter of the Eagles 49ers game. I got the tote bags done and by 6:30 p.m. I was tired.
I did get the next 10 tote bags lined up for next Sunday and dug out the zippers for the bags so I am all set to get some bags sewn together this week. I didn't touch the t-shirt quilt except to push it out of the way! LOL!! I just took me a lot longer than I thought to find the right fabric for lining the boxy pouches (each fabric is different), press the fabric, and cut out the lining and outside fabrics.


Vicki W said...

I love to shop in fabric stores like that! I would have had a great time in there. I love the colors for the baby quilt.

Pauline Michaud said...

Wow, that's a lot of cutting - but now for the fun part, sewing everything together! You must feel accomplished. Lots to keep you busy. It was colder here this weekend. I have to take my machine in for servicing as it's skipping some stitches on one side of the decorative stitches I've been using. It's overdue for a spa day, so it's all good.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Most people wanting to know how long it took to make something don't have any idea of the prep work. Finding the fabric and other parts needed for the project and pressing the fabric before we can make the first cut. You really got a lot done even if it wasn't as much as you thought you could do.

Cherie Moore said...

I love the fabric colors for your baby quilt! I might need to make another chevron quilt…the last one turned out so well following your directions.